No Lies

Recently, I was at a dinner party where people began speaking about and DNA and such. I always love to share how I was brought up Italian, but recently came to find out my DNA is 63% Jewish. Talking about our heritage makes for great conversation, but sometimes we stay stuck in the old […]

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Our Hearts Know…

Today, I woke up and did a deep Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation, focusing on my heart. It is interesting that I picked this meditation randomly and that it was focused on the heart. We are studying Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden. The heart is most definitely my focus this week. So, what about […]

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CSL Kaua`i is Expanding…

“We are not what we’ve been told and we’re more than we can imagine.” Gregg Braden Gregg Braden received the Spiritual Leadership Award from the Humanity’s Team this morning. It was the perfect summing up of my days at the Cottages. My Co-Spiritual Director and husband, Patrick and I spent 4 days here at the […]

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Season of Light

We refer to this time of year – December – as the Season of Light, but what does that really mean? We string lights on our houses and light up our trees. We set our Christmas tree up and we make sure we have plenty of lights. We light candles for Hanukah. We experience candle […]

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