Why Can’t I Heal?

There is a quote in the Science of Mind text that goes like this, “Since our spiritual understanding is not sufficient to enable us to mentally set bones, we call in a surgeon; since we cannot walk on the water, we take a boat. We can only go as far as our spiritual knowledge takes us. Principle is Infinite, but we shall demonstrate Its power only at the level of our concept of It.” Ernest Holmes

As I review and contemplate this quote, I understand how medicine works with Spiritual Mind Treatment. Medicine gives us the opportunity to work on our spiritual understanding. It does so only if we accept it as a part of our healing and embrace it as a gift of the Spirit. If God is in everything, then God is in everything and everywhere present.

What does this mean to me? I embrace the medical doctor and all kinds of healing modalities because I understand that I am the healer and the healed. The doctor is not healing me. He is just fixing a problem that is occurring, a physical manifestation that has a spiritual answer. The doctor allows me to take a breath and go deeply into my own self to accept my healing. He helps my physical body along, but I am the one who has to accept the healing.

In the case of my recent retina surgery, I stay focused on gratitude for my doctor and for my beautiful body and all its amazing healing agents – 50 trillion cells – that are always saying yes to health. I focus on my future and all the wonderful things I see myself doing. I focus here and now and do what I can do now. I am grateful for every moment. I am grateful for all the prayers and support I receive.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep. My mind was racing about my health and many other things. I was definitely in beta. Why can’t I heal? That was my thought. I took a few deep breaths and brought my attention to the present moment. I felt my husband next to me. I focused on the smells surrounding me. I listened to the sounds of our breathing. I became very present. I became very grateful. I am healed was my only thought. A feeling of peace came over me. Soon, I found myself asleep.

Asking ourselves why we can’t heal is not a good question. The better question is “Who am I…really?” The answer is: “The healer and the healed.” God is right where I am in all of this, because God is me no matter what I am experiencing. Today is a really good day.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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