Beyond the Mask-querade!

So, today, March 26, 2022 at exactly 11:59 pm, the mask mandate is over on our beautiful Islands. I do not understand the whys of being behind the rest of the United States, and I do not really care. It is over and tomorrow we will be able to look at everyone again. We will see smiles and lips moving and we will breathe again. I will never forget to look into someone’s eyes again.

I know that many of us have our feelings about the politics of all this and that is not what I am interested in today. What I want to know from all of us is who is behind those masks and has he or she changed at all in these two years? What is different about us? Did we grow in consciousness? Did we learn anything? Are we better or are we bitter? Do we feel a new sense of hope and love, or are we still lamenting the last two years of this pandemic. Do we respect everyone whether they choose to continue wearing a mask or not? Can we be kind to each other?

Some of us are worried that the new strain of COVID is coming or is already here. They feel threatened again. I feel we have more important things to be concerned with, like the world at war. Can we drop COVID for a moment and focus on peace instead? Can we focus on our bodies, minds and souls being at peace and radiating that peace out into the world? Can we stop adding to the problem by worrying and fretting and do some good instead?

If I have learned anything from these last two years it is to remain true to what I believe. I believe in one Power, one Law, one Divine Intelligence that is moving through all experience no matter what is happening. As we breathe, whether in health or disease that Presence is moving through us in wholeness. And, for all the lives that have been lost over these last two years, I mourn and yet I know they are in Life’s keeping and progressing eternally somewhere else. There is more than meets our eyes and everything that we see has a Cause behind it. I trust this.

So, I’ve heard people are partying here tonight, burning their masks and running into Costco tomorrow in jubilation. We are free? But, we’ve always been free, because we’ve had the freedom to respond to the last two years in any way we choose. We’ve always been at choice, and even if we have felt physically restricted, no one can take our power to choose away from us.

I am grateful the mask mandate is over. I am grateful for every little bit of knowledge and growth I’ve experienced. I’m grateful for my own health and the health of everyone that continues right now. I understand that COVID19 is a real thing, but it is an effect. I have more faith and trust in CAUSE and know that as we center on health, love, peace, and get our own lives in order, we will continue in creating a healthier planet.

I invite us to let go of the distractions and focus our attention where it is needed right now. I invite us to bring our own lives up in consciousness, to follow our dreams and passions and to bring those gifts to all who will be uplifted by them. Love is here.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i and Spiritual Coach

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