Moving Forward Into Creation

“There is no stagnation in Spirit, nor should there be any in our idea of spirituality. To be spiritual is to create. The Spirit is alive, conscious, aware and active.” Ernest Holmes

Yesterday, I wrote a blog about the bubble in my eye left there from my retina repair surgery. I compared it to being trapped in a bubble called our life. Being trapped in circumstances seems very real to many of us, but what I know is that there is no such thing as being trapped. Spirit is always free, because we are free to choose.

In the above quote, Ernest Holmes lets us know that it is spiritual to create. There is no such thing as being stuck in Spirit. It is constantly moving. Energy is always in motion. Although sometimes it seems like we are spinning in place, this is because we have not mentally engaged in our longing to move forward. We haven’t taken action. The only way we can mentally engaged is through making a decision to surrender to the greater part of ourselves that is always creating and actually direct its course, and then to take action from that place.

There is another quote by Ernest Holmes that helps me with this idea. “Perfect belief is the beginning and the end of all good mental work.” Yes, we must believe in ourselves, in our lives and in our path. We must know that when we start any endeavor or when we make a change in our lives that we are totally supported.

Four weeks ago, when the optometrist told me I had to travel to Oahu for the repair of my retina, I had to trust. It wasn’t about trusting the doctor, although I did, it was about trusting my path and knowing as I moved through the experience I was fully supported, guided and protected.

At all times, we are either drawing things to us or pushing them away” wrote Ernest Holmes. What am I pushing away now and what am I drawing toward me? This is a mental act. The Universe is a feeling Universe and reacts to me through the feeling and emotion that I project. Feeling is what draws things to me or pushes them away. That’s why it is not enough to “just think good thoughts.” All our thoughts do not manifest; only those that are the most emotionally charged.

So today, let us re-awaken to our inner splendor, our powerful selves and begin to trust that we can create the lives we want to live. It doesn’t matter what we are doing now, or if we feel stuck, or if we don’t even know what that life looks like. We can make a decision to be free. We can make a decision to be clarity. We can allow the Universe to speak to us through synchronicities. We can follow those experience that make us feel good on a deep, deep level.

I will requote what I wrote on my Bubble Blog: “In this invisible law of unfoldment, we must come to trust, and although we do not see the way, we must believe that the way IS and IS COOPERATIVE.”

It’s worth writing more than once because I think it is the hardest part of our journey. That hardest part is to start and know that there is a cooperative Force that wants our highest and best good. It is for us, not against us. It is always present. We might not know how to get where we are wanting to go or how to create the experiences we want, but we can know that there is a Power within us that does know and it is cooperating with us at all times. It takes our direction and it works the quickest and best route for us. Even a pause is still movement. Something is always happening even when we cannot see it.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director, CSL Kaua`i and Spiritual Coach

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