Stepping Up to the Plate

See the source image I’m not a baseball fan or expert, but I am familiar with the term “Stepping Up to the Plate.” I’m sure those ball players, standing on the plate with bat in hand, feel a sense of excitement, responsibility and maybe even a sense of hesitancy. I have stepped up to the plate in many experiences in my life and most definitely have felt those feelings and many more. According to baseball rules, “Home plate is the beginning position in baseball, designated by a flat marker known as home plate. The batter literally steps up to the plate in a designated area in order to swing at the pitched ball.” I feel there is no coincidence, metaphorically speaking, that the batter would start where he or she would later finish, sliding into home.  In the teachings of Science of Mind and Spirit, we believe that the Universe is innately perfect. We are perfect and we are already home. The journey of life on earth is to remember and realize of this Truth. We can only realize our perfection by stepping up to the plate or our True Identity. That stepping up most definitely comes with feelings of excitement, responsibility and, yes, hesitancy. One of the most difficult parts of the New Thought teaching, the Quantum teaching is that we must accept responsibility for our lives – all of it. We know that we are at the helm of our destiny and that destiny can change in any moment, based on our choices. We are always stepping up to the plate of life when we claim our lives as Spiritual Beings. Another way to define stepping up to the plate outside of baseball is to take action when something needs to be done, even though this is difficult.”  Cambridge Dictionary Stepping up to the plate of life is not easy nor should it be. Expansion takes courage. Bob Proctor uses the term “crossing our terror barrier.” What’s that? Well, if you have ever set a goal in your life and you’ve had to leave your comfort zone, you have to cross a terror barrier. If there is no terror barrier, it might be that the goal is not big enough or important enough. Of course, we always have the choice to take baby steps and that’s okay, too. We have to start where we are, but at the same time, we have to move forward. Stepping up to the plate means we have to get off the bench, pick up the bat (task at hand) and do it even if we risk failure or ridicule. We’ll never hit that homerun if we are living in fear or complacency. Expressing our Divine Selves and having the courage to say that we are Gods is most definitely stepping up to the plate. God is all there is. There is one Force in the Universe, one Power, expressing in a multitude of ways. It’s always God. We all have the opportunity to use this innate Power in any way we choose. We have to claim it first and then we have to use it for Good. If we use it in any other way, well, what goes out, eventually comes back. exactly as it went out. So, my question for today is: Are you willing to step up to the plate of your life? Are you willing to give life all that you’ve got in this particular moment? You are always doing your best and your best is always growing. The first step is to claim your Divinity and share it with the world in your own unique way. When you are stepping up to the plate with that Power, you cannot fail no matter the outcome. If someone criticizes you, be willing to invite them onto the field with you so they can step up to their own lives. If they decline, don’t engage. Just be silent and start swinging at the ball of Good and watch it go out and come back to you in a multitude of amazing ways. With Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach

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