My Life is Unfolding Perfectly

“My life is unfolding perfectly. God is the Source and Substance of my supply. My success is non negotiable. The Universe is always conspiring in my favor. These are all affirmations that I use in my life. Whenever I am feeling less than these affirmations, I call them up, depending on the situation or feeling that is occurring. Affirmations work if you truly contemplate them, meditate on them and put them into action in your life.

My question is: Do you always feel like your life is unfolding perfectly? Do you believe in happenstance or do you believe the Universe always places you where you are meant to be? I do not believe in happenstance or mistakes or accidents in the sense that every part of my life has been called in by me. I might not always be conscious of the call I made, but it always becomes evident to me at some point.

Yesterday, I experienced this idea of being in the perfect place at the perfect time through witnessing another person’s journey. This person, without going into details and names, found himself at the site of a drowning. If he had not been there, this life might not be here now. Of course, I can’t determine that someone else wouldn’t have been there to save this person, but it seems that he was the one. He came from across the ocean from the Mainland to find himself sitting in that present moment with what was needed for the rescue.

I happened upon the scene after it had occurred, but I was able to receive the message that we are always right where we are meant to be in every moment, if we allow ourselves to be in the moment. This message was important for me and I truly believe that I called it in yesterday. I’ve been questioning my moments in life and where I find myself, and the answer that always comes forward is that I am where I need to be. Even my appointment last night that put me in the presence of this drowning and recovery allowed me to receive the message I needed.

When I came home, I was left with a very deep feeling that couldn’t necessarily be articulated. It was a feeling, profound and necessary for my expansion. Sometimes we want clarity right away, but if we just sit in the mystery, the mystical, the surprise, there is something, I believe, that happens to our consciousness on a deeper level. It always reveals itself in the perfect time.

Today, I feel more secure. I feel more guided and guarded and protected. It is a security and peace beyond space and time. It is a knowing that the path is laid out for us by our higher selves, and it is always the right path for us. It isn’t always easy to let go and follow our life into the unknown, but really in Reality, the unknown is always where we are in every moment. We are held in the arms of a larger embrace that has our back at all times.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author of a new book: “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life available on AMAZON

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