Are You Camera Ready?

When we are camera ready in the film world it means we have our makeup and costume on, our lines are memorized, we are filled up with emotion for our role, and we are in the present moment, calm and poised.  Let’s exchange the word camera ready for opportunity ready. Are we opportunity ready? This would mean that we are dressed with the tools to meet that opportunity. We would be tapped into Infinite Intelligence for our answers. Our emotions wouldn’t be ruling us. We’d know how to be present in the situation and therefore be calm and poised. Are you opportunity ready?

I’ve been around the block quite a few times on my spiritual journey. I can say that the Science of Mind has given me everything I could ever need to be opportunity ready. It is because of these principles:

I know who I am. When I am in a challenging experience, I can call up this knowing and allow it to flow through me. Knowing I am Infinite Intelligence allows me to meet both my challenges and my successes.

The Science of Mind also allows me to know that everything is about staying present. I can’t accomplish anything successfully if I am focused on my past mistakes or even my past successes. The present moment is new and calls for me to be new.

How about my emotions? Am I in charge of my emotions or do they rule me? I know what it’s like to be on both sides of this, but because I practice the Science of Mind, I understand that my emotions are outside representations of my feelings and my beliefs. In most cases, I can cut to the chase, see what it is that’s triggering me, and change on a dime.

Deep breaths and pulling myself present to this moment is a tool I learned from meditating every day. If I just wait a moment before reacting, take a breath and allow myself to stay present, I’m clear on what to do or say.

Infinite Intelligence is ready to reveal itself to me through my intuition. I’ll know what to do in every single moment. I learned this from saturating my mind with the great thoughts of all the ages given to us through mystics, teachers. Pouring this information into my mind has literally rewired my brain. I do not think the same way that I used to. This is what has changed:

  • I believe there is good in every experience. What does this mean, really? Please don’t mistake it for saying there is good in some horrendous experience that someone is having or in a person who is hurting someone else. It merely means that if we can look through the experience and trust that beyond it there is good, it will reveal itself.
  • I know every answer lies within me. Dr. Holmes wrote, “Our part is to be ready and willing to be guided into truth and liberty.” I can tell myself I don’t know over and over, but that is really a lie. We know the answer to every question we have. What happens when we are ready, the synchronicities of life show up to help us. Our inner voice speaks to us or through others.
  • I know I have the capacity to heal. This is so important. Do we believe that we have the capacity to heal even when confronted with an accident or disease. It will determine the outcome of our situation.
  • I know it is done unto me as I believe. If I change my beliefs, if I change what I focus on, my life changes.
  • I have proven that when I make a decision the Universe moves with me. Of course, the decision must be unnegotiable. The decision may lead you in a different direction to fulfill it, but it will demonstrate.
  • I know that if I do struggle, Spiritual Mind Treatment will open up my energy field and allow me to think clearly. Spiritual Mind Treatment creates an avenue within us that opens us up to the demonstration. It shifts our beliefs.
  • I do my best not to let outside conditions or the past to dictate what is possible for me. We can’t create anything new from old energy. Old energy just keeps old experiences in place. “Be new by the renewing of your mind.”

Ernest Holmes wrote, “God is ready to fill everything, because It is Infinite. So, it is not a question of Its willingness, nor of Its ability. It is entirely a question of our own receptivity.

Are you camera ready for all the Universe has to offer you? Being ready means you feel truly as if you deserve it, not because of something you’ve done, but because of who you are – an Infinite expression of Life, Good and Love.

Being camera ready merely means that the camera of life is rolling and you are right where you are expected to be – in your light.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Minister CSL Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

My new book “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thought That Changed My Life is available HERE ON AMAZON

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