Let the Dead Bury the Dead!

I was out on my morning meditation walk, asking the question, “What’s next?” I have felt a lack of direction in some areas of my life. I’ve been Treating (praying) on this everyday and yesterday the answer came clearly through Nature itself.

I believe Nature holds all our answers if we humbly ask Her. As I continued to walk with my mind open and my heart truly listening. The whisper came, “Look to the trees, the grass upon this path.” As I looked I saw it. There was all this dead foliage, but beneath it and growing through it was the tiniest of green sprouts and leaves. “The dead is cast off so that the new can appear.” In that moment, I had my answer. I was starting over. The message was clear, “Stop trying to recreate from the old, to resurrect the dead. Let the dead bury the dead.”

My heart is filled with new beginnings today. I realize I am the author of my life, of my screenplay. The old movie is over. It was a great ending and the trip had lots of challenges and lots of success. It was a happy ending. Can I bless it and move into the new story? Can I cast myself in the lead role? Can I take the good from the old and move on?

Our lives are forever unfolding and we spiral upward. Even if we feel that we have reached a dead end, that is not possible. At every dead end, beyond it is a place that you cannot go with your current consciousness and old ideas. There is a no-trespassing sign, blocking the old. However, there is a new place just beyond the sign that says “Dead end.” It is waiting for a new consciousness, a renewing of your mind. Remember the quote, “Be you new by the renewing of your mind.”?

Just like those new leaves poking out from the dead foliage, the new of each of us is being born in every moment. Let those new buds grow. Don’t be afraid of the new. Yes, it means stepping into the unknown with one thing only: KNOWING who you are. You are a powerful presence right in the flow of life at the right time. You are Causing effect with your very vibration of Love.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Minister Center for Spiritual Living Kaua`i, Spiritual Coach, Author

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