Yield to the Truth

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Effective treatment must be independent of any existing circumstance whatsoever, else it will not enter the realm of Unconditioned causation. It will have fallen to the level of those secondary causes which seek to perpetuate themselves in human experience. To rise above the contemplation of conditions is to enter the field of Causation which makes all things new in our experience. From this viewpoint there is no hard and no easy case to handle. All cases represent but different phases of human belief, and one would yield to the Truth as quickly as another if we were sure of our spiritual position.”

I’d like to break down this quote and apply it not just to my life but to all our lives. Truth is universal and we are all equal in Truth. Truth simply put is merely: Love is the most powerful force in the Universe and everything is subject to our level of expressing Love. Cause and Effect is always in place. We are all Love. There is no better person or person better able to manifest Truth. This is good to know because it means that we are all starting on the same footing. What we do with that footing as we move forward is what separates those who live in their fullest potential and those who struggle.

When Dr. Holmes says that effective treatment is “independent of any existing circumstance whatsoever,” this is where we get off on our footing. First of all, if you don’t already know what Treatment is, Treatment is a form of prayer that is affirmative. We are stating the case, whether it be good health, prosperity, loving relationships, or our highest creative expression as if it were already so. It is already so, but we vary in our experiences because of our own consciousness.

So, treatment being independent of any existing circumstance means that we cannot state Truth for ourselves if we are hooked into what we are seeing as our reality – illness, poverty…etc. “Judge not by appearances, but by right judgement.” For example, picture trying to paint over a canvas that already has a landscape on it with a portrait. It would be impossible. Likewise, it is not possible to create a new condition from any present condition. We need a blank canvas or an untouched consciousness.

So, here is our quest. We must raise ourselves to what Dr. Holmes calls “The Field of Causation.” This is what is presently called the Unknown or Nothingness in quantum science or the field of pure vibrational waves of possibility. How do we bring ourselves to this point? It is a discipline and “trained thought is far more powerful than untrained thought.” We simply must train our minds. We must become directors of our thoughts. No matter what, we must return to our pure untouched consciousness. I have found that centering in my heart space is where this is easiest for me. Of course, I meditate every day, but during my day when I am challenged, I stop, take a few slow breaths and find my heart. I breathe from that place slowly. I can almost immediately bring myself back to pure consciousness from whatever has confronted me.

All cases represent but different phases of human belief, and one would yield to the Truth as quickly as another if we were sure of our spiritual position.” So, in this last statement of the above quote, we are being challenged to be sure of our spiritual position. What is our spiritual position, but the highest consciousness. For those of us who treat continually, yielding to the Truth is the gift of being in that highest spiritual position. By no means can we manifest the highest and best if we insist on staying on the lower plane of consciousness, relegated by the conditional world.

I believe this is a great journey for all of us and that we are all at different phases of human belief. It’s okay, because we are always expanding and growing. If we could look at everything as a journey back home to pure consciousness, we’d be a lot easier on ourselves We also would make better progress if we congratulated ourselves along the way for all the times we did rise above our conditional thinking.

To yield means to give way to something. Yielding to the Truth means allowing it to be our steady companion. Yield also can represent a bounty of crops that we are harvesting. So, to yield can be called “causing effect.” As we yield to Truth, we yield the highest and the best.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Director CSL Kaua`i and the Institute of Magnificence and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life” and “This Thing Called Treatment,” both available on Amazon.

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