Let It Go?

To let go means I have total faith and trust in the outcome. Letting go is the fifth step of Spiritual Mind Treatment. It is the time at which we deeply acknowledge that there is a Power that is bringing the outcome through us right now. We say “And so it is!” because we know it is already done.

We are not creators. There is nothing to create. Everything is already here as energy. We are always in a process of accepting or denying our good. As Ernest Holmes put it, “We are either attracting or repelling everything.” How are we doing this? It’s all about our vibration. It’s all about our feeling. Our thought puts the intention out into the Universe. Our feeling draws it back to us. We might be saying in thought and word that we want a certain thing, but our feelings are saying the opposite. We feel undeserving, perhaps. We are looking at physical form and thinking that is all there is. It’s all about what’s truly going on in our subconscious. We are either repelling or attracting everything in our life. Spiritual Mind Treatment changes the subconscious.

To let go means to become detached about the outcome. We are merely present right here and right now and experiencing joy in what is. I think sometimes in letting go I am giving up. Yes, letting go is like giving up. We are giving up the stranglehold we have on making something happen and we are just allowing the Universe to do its work through us.

We are often in a state of “I want. I want. I want.” Can I let go of everything we want and just practice gratitude for what we have? This takes staying present and knowing .

My grandma used to say, “Good things come to those who wait.” I used to think that this was not true, but it is. When waiting means knowing then good things do come to those who wait. Waiting with an expectation that all is always well and unfolding for my highest and best good. True patience is knowing.

I have a mantra that I use of late. “Only my good can come to me.” This mantra is a way of reminding myself to stand on solid Spiritual ground, not the shifting ground of time and space. Yes, change is always here, but I can find the good.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Let go and let God.” There cannot be anything more clear than this. If we let go and let God what we are saying is that we are allowing the greater part of us to take care of us. I liken it to when we were looking for the house we are in now. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack. I finally let go. I did so by saying I’ll do my part, Universe, but you are going to have to bring it to me. It’s here. I shouldn’t have to go looking for it.

In conclusion, Spiritual thought force is greater than material resistance. Spiritual thought force is trust in the unseen workings of an unlimited Universe that is always unfolding for the good of the mind stayed in love. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Director CSL Kaua`i and the Institute of Magnificence and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life” and “This Thing Called Treatment,” both available on Amazon.

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