Welcome the Light

“Today/tomorrow is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. The Winter Solstice has been observed in every human culture – It represents our desire for the return of the Light – practically for the sun to come again to grow crops; symbolically, for the light to return to the dark moments of our lives.” Dr. Jim Lockard

I not growing crops at the moment, so I truly celebrate the light and its return to the dark moments of all lives. However, what I know is that the light never left. It is always here in our life to be recognized as a Presence that never leaves us. We can always count on it. The Light is our True Self. Our True Self is the person who KNOWS who he/she is. This light is here, perhaps not always burning brightly, but here. It is ours to awaken. I love the metaphor of the Season of Light that is that reminder. Let us bring it right now into our life and never allow it to extinguish.

I tossed and turn last night, and I knew why. I was thinking upon things that have no place in my life. I wasn’t turning to the Light. So, in a moment, I began to chant to myself the chant that helps me at those dark moments: I breathe in “God is,” I breathe out, “I am.” It calms my spirit and reveals the Light within me. I don’t spend time trying to figure out why I am feeling what I am feeling; I already know that; instead I focus on how I want to feel. I shine Light on that.

We might think there is so much darkness in the world right now, but there is more Light than we can imagine. Even in the dark places and corners of suffering, someone is helping. Someone is shining a Light. As Mr. Rogers would say, “Look for the helpers.” This is the same as saying look for the light. Patricia Wagner, a beautiful Light being and teacher, has a Facebook page Looking for the Light. She writes, “No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, you can embrace the Light any time.” This is true because, as I already stated, the Light is always here. Even behind the cloud, the suns shines.

On this day of Winter Solstice and continuing into the deepness of this Season of Light – Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanza, let us each reveal the Light that we are. Let us follow our hearts. Let us be ready to give and receive. Let us be our True Selves. And, if we are in a challenge right now, it’s the time to do our best work. The challenge wouldn’t be there if the Light weren’t there also. Let us look for the Light.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Founding Director CSL Kaua`i and the Institute of Magnificence and Author of “What Do I Need to KNOW? 101 Thoughts That Changed My Life” and “This Thing Called Treatment,” both available on Amazon.

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