Season of Light

We refer to this time of year – December – as the Season of Light, but what does that really mean? We string lights on our houses and light up our trees. We set our Christmas tree up and we make sure we have plenty of lights. We light candles for Hanukah. We experience candle lighting celebrations. The lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Plaza is something I grew up with and is still a big tradition, even this year in 2020.

With all the artificial lighting that is experienced during this Season, what are we really seeking? As we use external forces to light the world, do we realize that “We are the light of the world?” Have we tapped into this innate potential and expressed it? What does it mean to be light?

In today’s reading of the Science of Mind, on page 277, Dr. Ernest Holmes gives his light on this subject, as he interprets the words of the Master Teacher, Jesus, “I Am the Light of the World,” as relating to all of mankind that recognizes their “I Am,” the great Knower of our true nature – God. Those who understand who they are in relation to their very true Nature would of course be Lights of the World. When we know our True Selves, expressions of Divinity with all within us to live as Love in the world, how could we be anything but Light.

When we shine our Light and we feel misunderstood or thought a crazy optimist, we are not to stop. We are not here for people to “get us.” We are only here to shine our true selves. That is our service to a world in darkness. Shining our Light and recognizing that same Light in everyone can start a wildfire of Light.

Things might seem a bit dark right now. I think this is why everyone (at least where I am) are putting Holiday lights up early and even overdoing it. We long for Light, for hope during this challenging time.

As we string our lights or not, let us not forget that our true essence is Light. We come from Light and to Light we will return. There is nothing about us that isn’t Light; we are only, perhaps, covering it up. “Don’t hide your light under a bushel, or your candle under a bowl of mediocrity or negativity that doesn’t allow it to burn.” Your light is brighter than anything artificial. Your Light is greater than anything in the conditional world. Let it shine now more than ever!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Co-Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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