Our Hearts Know…

Today, I woke up and did a deep Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation, focusing on my heart. It is interesting that I picked this meditation randomly and that it was focused on the heart. We are studying Resilience from the Heart by Gregg Braden. The heart is most definitely my focus this week. So, what about our hearts?

All the answers we could ever required are here within us, within our hearts. We just have to ask. I remember when I was a little girl, although I was taught to think things out and to use my brain to figure out what I should do, there was always something within me that felt what was right for me. Do you remember saying things like, “I feel like I should…” or “My heart’s telling me…”? We weren’t taught this way, but it was a natural intuitive thing.

Unfortunately, many of us were scorned for feeling that way. We were called dreamers and unrealistic and self-centered. We grew up to become hard-thinking adults who did what society thought was right for us. Some of these things included getting the job that were acceptable and would support us, and leaving those things we felt in our hearts behind.

However, new days are here. We are being called from within with a huge tug at our hearts. We might feel unsatisfied with our lives. We might feel like drastic changes are needed. We might feel like we need to start all over. Change is the one thing that follows these feelings, and many of us are afraid of change. We’d rather stay right where we are than risk that something might be different. What if we fail? What if we lose everything, including friends and loved ones?

However, the more we push it away, the more demanding that tug gets. That’s what’s happening right now to many of us. I believe it is because the tug is coming from the very survival of our precious earth and its inhabitants. If it is true that we are on the verge of our six major extinction, then it seems probable that the tug would be getting stronger and stronger. We are all connected in the great Matrix or Field of all life, that connection includes Mother Earth.

So, when I got up this morning, I asked, What’s mine to do? Why am I here? My inner voice said “Listen. Listen all day and listen carefully. You will know. And, along with listening, don’t be afraid to hear, really hear and act accordingly.”

Our heart is magic and magic lies within it. Listen, listen carefully. We have nothing to fear for all the Power of the Universe holds all our hearts.

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