No Lies

Recently, I was at a dinner party where people began speaking about and DNA and such. I always love to share how I was brought up Italian, but recently came to find out my DNA is 63% Jewish. Talking about our heritage makes for great conversation, but sometimes we stay stuck in the old stories that seem to have no solution. I know that is not true.

This all brings me to our stories and the stories we choose to tell over and over again. I love telling that story about my DNA, but does it really serve me? Am I going to do anything about it? Does it enhance my evolution as a spiritual being? I suppose it could add a richness of history to my life, but in Reality with a capital “R,” I am not my DNA. I am a spiritual being with an eternal story that continues. I am Eternal Energy called Rita in this lifetime. My soul continues and moves forever forward and upward.

I have witnessed many people, including myself at times, stuck in our stories and our DNA. We think we are trapped by the diseases of our family. We wait with a surety that we are destined to follow in our parents’ footsteps. Really, we should be making new footprints from the endless possibilities in a Field of unlimited potential. Should we choose, we can keep the good memories, but those memories are not our identity in this now moment, nor are they are destiny.

I am a Practitioner and when someone comes to me and begins to tell his or her story, I listen. I listen to the subtext of their story. Behind all our stories there is a belief that is trapping us in that story. I uncover it and I bring it out and forward so the person sees it for themselves. Once that happens, the lie is uncovered, and the truth is revealed. I call it a lie because it is not who that person truly is. It is merely a belief. The person has the choice to let it go or keep on telling that story, holding it in place as a belief.

Every single story we tell is held by a belief. It might be a belief that we are unworthy. It might be a belief that we can never be enough. It might be a belief in poverty or that we are always enslaved to someone or something. However, the Truth will set us free.

The Truth is that everything is belief, and we make up these beliefs. They are either passed on to us or they come from our own experiences. If we could take a belief and truly see it as just that, a belief, we would be set free.

If all there is are beliefs and if beliefs create our lives, then why not choose ones that are going to create spectacular lives. You might think it is impossible. I know that it is not impossible because I’ve done it. I used to believe I was stupid. I used to believe that I wasn’t enough. I had plenty of stories to prove it. I finally had enough of the life those beliefs were creating. I separated those beliefs from the believer, me, and turned them around. It wasn’t easy; the spiritual life is not easy. However, it was worth every moment, every year that I spent working on it.

For me, there is only one belief that never needs to be changed, and that is the belief that tells me my true DNA: my Divine Nature Always. I am from a Divine Heritage that is perfect. It is all around me, through me and in every cell in my body. I was created in perfection, no matter what my body looks like or who my parents were. I am Divine Perfection, and so are you. When we begin to make this the basis of all our beliefs, we will begin to experience new stories filled with no more lies.

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita Andriello-Feren, Healer, Spiritual Director CSL Kaua`i

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