Rise Up to Meet Your Great!

It’s Easter, one of the High Holidays in the Christian Faith Tradition. We are also in the middle of Passover, one of the Holy Holidays of Judaism.

In the Christian tradition, the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is celebrated. Passover is celebrated in remembrance of the Israelites being freed from slavery in Eygypt.  In another effort to demand the release of the Israelites, God was to visit the last of the ten plagues on the Egyptians, killing all their first-born. The Israelites were instructed to paint the blood of the lamb over their door entries so the angel of death would pass them by. God spared the first born of the Israelites. Pharoh’s resistance was broken when he lost his first-born. Pharoah chased the Israelites out of Egypt and the great Exodus began.

I wondered how the story of the Easter Bunny fit into all this. Actually it’s a different story. According to the old Anglo-Saxon legend, when Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Spring and of Rebirth, found an injured bird, she knew that this bird wouldn’t survive the cold winter season so she decided to transform it into a hare. When this hare discovered that it could lay eggs, it decorated the eggs and gifted the Goddess with them each spring.

People who come to our New Thought tradition often come wounded from their religious backgrounds. They are searching and rejecting their past. If, we as ministers, even mention Jesus, God or reference the Bible we are sometimes admonished because these remembrances disturb those wounded souls.

All of these traditional stories, whether historical or lengendary, have a metaphysical truth behind them if we ponder and contemplate them deeply enough. This is what we do in New Thought. We look for the metaphor of enlightenment in every story. We ask ourselves what glimmer of Truth is there that allows us to contemplate a higher state of consciousness?

If we look at the three stories I have mentioned we can see a common thread. A Universal Truth. God/Goddess gave life and rebirth where death was certain. The Israelites were brought from slavery into a new life in the promise land. They overcame death and destruction.  Jesus rose up from death. Ernest Holmes wrote, “Jesus revealed himself to his followers after his resurrection, to show them that death is but a passing to a higher sphere of life and action.”

In the New Thought tradition, we ask of ourselves to seek to understand our own Truth, to allow the Higher Self to reveal Itself through us. “Anything that Spirit knows, is! Because Its Being passes into becoming through Its Self-knowing,” wrote Dr. Holmes.

For me, these stories  are only as true as they are to each of us in bringing us into a higher state of consciousness – to live more fully and express more of our Divine Beingness. How can I use any of it, I ask myself.  I am journeying toward recognizing more and more of my magnificence and by doing so awaken others.

I have had a week of doing just that. My “Holy” week has been very “Holy.” I’ve had the opportunity to nurture others, to marry, to teach, to create an atmosphere of love. At one point I got very weary. I stopped myself and said, “You asked for this life and now you are living it. Why are you complaining?”

However, I know I was tired not because I had too much to do, but because I had fallen into the old pattern of spending a good portion of my energy wondering if I was good enough – if I was up to the tasks set before me. Tiredness, for me, is all based in resistance. A great thing clicked in me when I caught myself in my own lie. I was able to look at it for what it was – me trying to remain small because being bigger, putting myself out there sets me up to risk being judged. I was caught in the fear of vulnerability.

It’s easier to stay in our smallness. It’s safer. We can give ourselves excuses for all the things that aren’t happening in our life. It might be about money. It might be about an unfulling job. It might be about a relationship we know is not right, but it’s safer to stay in it.

I’m not interested in being small anymore, and yet I had a moment when I was giving a workshop a couple of days ago, followed by a wedding to say, “this has been an amazing day. More than likely, it won’t happen again.” This happened to me once before when I was on a movie set. I remember looking around at all the stars around me, the richness of the set and I didn’t feel like I was worthy to be there. I actually said to myself, “This will never happen again.” It never did happen again. I refused to rise into my greatness.

However, nothing is ever lost and there is never a lost opportunity, Spirit continued to show up through me, pushing me upward. That’s what we do, we spiral upward. Sometimes at a slower pace, but we spiral upward. We get exactly what we are equal to in consciousness. If something is not happening in our life, it is not about belief in that thing. It is about what we believe about ourselves.

Spirit/Life is knowing itself through each of us. This is what I believe. It is knowing Itself to whatever degree we choose to turn It up to. Some people will ask, but if we’re God, why don’t we know these things? How can we be limited when we come from an unlimited Source? How can God who is unlimited, know the limited.

There is only one answer that I know of to this question. It is because we have choice. How much of our Greatness will we bring to the experience of life. God doesn’t’ leave its creation when things are not going perfectly. God didn’t step outside of us when we can’t pay are rent or our experiencing a death of a friend or any other experience. The experiences we have are not problems, they are opportunities to know more, to be more.

I know that I can know these things are true because I have spent the time and energy to go inward into my closet and know myself. Self-care is a full-time job. You might say, “It really take discipline to carve out that time for yourself.” I remember the words of Dr. Michael Beckwith, “Your discipline becomes a bliss-a-pline.

It is truly time for us all to rise into our greatness. I say put down the crucifix, the blood over our doors are not necessary anymore. “The world will soon realize that it has learned all it can through suffering,” wrote Ernest Holmes a long time ago. I believe this and I will continue to know this for everyone. I believe in the Power of the One Mind, that knows no big or small and is present everywhere. I know that as one of us rises into our greatness, we lift the Mind of the world a notch up with us.

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