I Demand It!

In the Science of Mind and Spirit we have a form of prayer that we call Spiritual Mind Treatment. It has five steps and the third step is called “declaration or realizatoin.” In that step we announce whatever it is that needs to be known within our experience. It might be the truth that we are abundant or at peace or filled with love. We can declare these things because they are already so. We are not creating more love or peace in our lives. We are merely revealing a Presence that has always been there. We also may declare experiences like having a loving relationship or more prosperity in our lives. Again, we are not seeking these things from the outside. We know that when we become the consciousness of the experience, the experience follows.

Yesterday, I spoke to a person who had been in this teaching of the Science of Mind for over 20 years and left. He said that he became exhausted by the idea of feeling like he was demanding this or that from God. He had lost all his peace of mind when things weren’t happening in his life. I’m not sure how he learned this, but just in case anything anyone else has this conception about the Science of Mind and Spirit, I want to make it clearer.

Many people come to this teaching to get things. They even think it is a get-rich-quick plan. People want less pain in their lives and more abundance. They think this is the answer. Maybe they’ll get that job they always wanted or that relationship that always seems to allude them. They believe that if they just think the right thoughts everything will work out and they will get that car or house they long for.

The Science of Mind and Spirit is not any of this. The Science of Mind and Spirit teaches only one Principle and that is that God/Source/Love is everywhere present in and through everything. The very Presence is who we are. The more of God that we live, the more our lives shed themselves of needs and wants. We begin to live in a state of peace, trust and faith. We realize that thinking from the highest state of beingness becomes first nature, when we take the time to court the Presence within us.  Our life outpictures from our state of Consciousness because there is a perfect Law that mirrors that consciousness out into the world of experiences or form.

Those of us who come to this teaching to get something, usually do become frustrated, tired and unexpressed. It is usually because we are doing all our declaring and demanding from the same consciousness that created the challenges in our life. We don’t take the time to change our consciousness. As many great teachers and philosophers have said, “we can’t change anything from the consciousness that created the problem.”

However, if we can turn the cart around and go within, spending the time healing our misconceptions about ourselves and those around us, our lives begin to change as a natural result. Our objective is not to get that thing, but to embrace more of the Consciousness of God and become aligned with the flow of Life Force.

The road of Spiritual Awakening is an eternal process. I believe that it is the greatest adventure. In essence, if we really look at our wants and desires, we’ll see that beyond the things there is a feeling we are wanting – peace of mind, freedom, love, safety, etc. When we come to realize through deep spiritual work that we already are all those things, everything else takes care of itself. Our intentions for life become aligned with a consciousness that matches the intentions. We are not striving anymore; instead, we are living from God. We are clear and at peace.


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