What are You Accepting?

Acceptance is contained within the fourth step of Spiritual Mind Treatment in Thanksgiving. Acceptance is such a different concept than declaring or demanding something. Acceptance means that I acknowledge that something is already there within my life in all its fullness and that I allow it to be.

The question is what are we accepting as our life? What do we automatically acknowledge without even thinking that it might not be the truth. Things like an acceptance of our bodies growing older and weaker with time or an acceptance that people are just this way or that. What about an acceptance of the doomsday state of the world? We are automatically practicing acceptance in every moment.

The Truth is we can change what we accept as true or not true in every moment. We can decide that we’d like a different experience by accepting something all together new. Perhaps, we are asking how? How do we accept something new when everything is pointing in the other direction?

Acceptance is akin to surrender. Acceptance is about opening up and letting go of our long-held on beliefs and replacing them with a new idea. I believe it happens by staying in the present moment. It takes going deeper into the stillness and really listening to our Truth. It takes the ability to let go and change. Change is inevitable. As the song goes, “nothing stays the same.”

Are we willing to allow a change to occur even if it means letting go of everything we thought was our “destiny?” Can we accept that perhaps something greater, bigger, more expansive is in store for us? Can we enlarge our cup of acceptance, while still staying present to what is?

The only way to do this is to stay open, and, yes, sometimes we must live in uncertainty. We must be willing to live in the mystery while all the while practicing the acceptance of Good as the Truth of our being. “The meek shall inherit the earth,” and they shall inherit it by accepting its splendor and beauty and treasuring their place in it. We are worthy to accept the Goodness of Life now!

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