Words! Words! Words!

There is a song in the musical My Fair Lady, where Eliza Doolittle is overcome with her disgust for all the words her would-be beau, Freddie sings to her. She wants action. “Words, Words, Words, I’m so sick of words,” she sings adamantly.

I’m also getting quite annoyed with words, but for a different reason. I wonder why we all can’t get beyond the words. I am constantly bombarded with the distaste of others for words such as church, God, Spiritual Mind Treatment, Divine, Law…the list goes on.

Words bring up feelings and usually they are linked to the past. I’m not sure how I could use the right words for everyone, so the only thing I can do is to watch myself and make sure I am not on remote, using words that have no meaning to me. Are the words that I speak coming from a subconscious storehouse of the past, and am I just regurgitating them from there; or am I really inspired when I speak? When I say the word God am I talking about the wrathful God of my childhood or the peaceful Presence that is my own beingness?

Do I need to invent new words or do I need to find a new meaning in the words that I already know? Now when I speak the word church I am using it to describe community and a place where we gather to remember our true selves. When I say the words Celebration Service I am speaking about singing, dancing, community and being inspired. I am speaking about celebrating our Divine selves and that of all creation.

Let’s move to the way we name and describe prayer. We call it Spiritual Mind Treatment. This word disturbs some because they think we are doing something to our minds. Well, I do believe this word needs more explanation before it is used. We are treating our minds. We are actually rearranging our patterns of thought to those of a higher frequency. We are spiritually treating our minds. The thing is I am not doing anything to your mind. I am aligning my own mind with the Truth about you and thus implanting a new idea into the Mind we both live in. The Law takes care of its fulfillment.

And, by Law I mean the creative force of the Universe that we all use whether we are conscious of it or not. Spiritual Mind Treatment is conscious use of the Law.

Words! Words! Words! What I know is that I am using the right words in every single moment. I am equally as sure that if a word disturbs you, if it presses a button, there is something coming up to be healed. Me changing the word is not going to heal it. However, facing the feeling and letting the feeling lead you to the belief behind it, will reveal whatever you need to know. When we realize that we can change that belief and replace it with a new idea, it won’t matter what words anyone uses. In fact, words won’t even be necessary. We will just feel and know.

In closing, I know I am doing my best in every moment to use the words that state perfectly what I know as true. I promise to be more conscious of the clarity with which I speak and also more sensitive to exposing my explanation behind the words I use.

Words! Words! Words! I love words that come from my heart to yours and open us up to a deeper understanding of not just ourselves but of all creation. Until we don’t need words anymore, let us use them, not to separate us, but to explore ourselves, our beliefs. Let us know that we are communicating perfectly without judgment.

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