The Third Law of Motion

Newton’s Third Law of Motion states “that for every force, there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction.”

The Spiritual Laws of the Universe work in exactly the same manner as the natural laws of the Universe. In fact, they are the natural laws of the Universe in the unseen world. And, as Ernest Holmes once wrote, “the invisible is made visible by our faith in it.”

I have been thinking of the third Law of Motion this morning, as it was mentioned by Oprah in her daily meditation. What am I putting out into the world and with what force? What am I focused on? What kind of thoughts do I have? What do I talk about? How do I act?

I think that if something is not showing up in my life the way I think it should or as fast as I think it should, it is because the Law of Motion is working in exactness. In other words, I am getting back with exactly as much intensity, time and effort that I put into my world.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m working so hard, but I just can’t make it…” Perhaps the hard work is focused on moving things in the opposite direction because of the intention behind that hard work. Life shouldn’t be a struggle.

And, another thing that has come up for me is the idea of “paying it forward.” Just because I give in one place, doesn’t mean anything will come back to me from that particular place. I give without any expectation of return. I take my expectations off people, places and things, and merely know that I am living a full magnanimous and always cared for by Life Itself.

How is your life going today? Are your intentions manifesting? Are you in the moment of present awareness? Are you giving life your all in a positive way or are you stuck wondering why you are not getting? Are you struggling? Consider your mental time. Analyze it. If something needs changing, shift it. Trust in the Universe. It always has our backs.

I believe that the most powerful thing we could ever do when we are feeling “less than” or in need is to go into service. Finding something to do for someone else, awakens the energy of giving within our being. Once the energy of giving is awakened, we automatically begin to receive in the way of feelings of worth and love. We feel like we have something worthwhile to give. Serving others puts a force out into the world that must create “ a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction.”

It’s not that we are giving to receive. It is that we are giving because we can. It is our natural state. Oh…and let us not forget to give to ourselves in the way of positive thoughts, nurturing and caring.

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