Signs of Land?

As far as the story has been told, Christopher Columbus’s crew cried mutiny! They were about to make him “walk the plank.” They were sure he’d led them astray, and they would be lost at sea forever. At just that moment, a seagull appeared with a branch in his mouth. And so, the term “Signs of Land.”

How many times have we felt lost at sea at the edge of the plank of despair when suddenly a light appears and we know that everything is going to be all right? How many other times are we so lost that when the light appears, we do not even recognize it? Signs of land are a constant, but we have to be awake to recognize them.

I read something that spoke about a Science called Teleology. “It is the study of final causes – especially as it relates to the circumstances and events leading up to the final event. This science indicates that every thing happens not in isolation of each other but were actually caused by the final event.”

In other words, the things that happen in our lives are all part of the final outcome of our intention. Our minds are powerful attractors; and as we set intentions and speak about them and focus on them, whether they are destructive or constructive, we are setting up the final event. According to Teleology everything that happens within the time of the set intention and the result is being caused by the result.

I believe this is totally in sync with the Law of Cause and Effect and I believe that when I go back to Cause and clearly intend, my outcome is assured. There is one fine “if” and that is if I remain clear and conscious of the signs of land that appear and rejoice and give gratitude for them. Instead, many times, we intend something for our life and as soon as it doesn’t seem to be showing up, we climb up on the plank of despair and jump ship.

Faith, trust and belief are necessary ingredients in living a peaceful and happy life. Sometimes, the signs of land that show up are not always those we had envisioned. Things don’t happen in the way we planned for them to. In fact, if we can step out of the way of how we think things should look, we can bless everything in our life as an answer to our prayer.

We do not pray in vain. Our word of love does not come back to us void. As the great Master of Peace said, “Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

This is because when we are clear and purposeful in life and we use the Law of our being with love, we are guaranteed success. The Science of Teleology is set in motion. The end result begins to set up the chain reaction of events to assure that our dream comes true in the perfect way. Things that seem like setbacks are merely a shift in direction toward the outcome.

Life is a journey, not a destination. The old cliché gives us sound advice. Enjoy and give thanks for the Signs of Land along the way of our individual journeys and stay clear, loving and purposeful with much gratitude.

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