Happy Mother’s Day 2017!

There was a woman named Anna Jarvis who is apparently responsible for fighting to put Mother’s Day on the calendar in the United States. It started as an idea she conceived after the death of her own mother. She wanted mothers honored for the sacrifices they had made for their children. As the story, goes Mother’s Day started as a simple holiday between mothers and their families, and Ms. Jarvis meant to make sure it continued in that way. However, when all the commercialism began and businesses began, in her eyes, to take over the holiday for profit, she spent the remainder or her own life in legal battles against those businesses, and eventually fought to have it removed from the calendar all together.

Not a very happy story about Mother’s Day. In fact, Ms. Jarvis never even had a family or children of her own. It sounds like she spent her life fighting without achieving her desired outcome.

I frankly do not look forward to Mother’s Day. I’m sorry. I am a humbug in this area. Perhaps I picked it up from my own father who used to say that everyday was Mother’s Day. He rarely acknowledged my own mother on this day. However, don’t worry you Mother’s Day Lovers out there. We children did and continue to do so. A Mother’s Day has never gone by without my own mother receiving a card and gift.

So, why don’t I relish Mother’s Day? It is for the same reason that I do not like awards. I want everyone to feel included and I want to respect all people’s feelings and experiences. Many people never had a good relationship with their mothers. Some never knew their mothers. Some were raised by fathers or grandmothers. I always felt awful for the person that didn’t get the flower after church service.

Well, I’m sorry if I am a downer; but, that is just the way I feel. I wouldn’t go to the extremes that Ms. Jarvis did, but I do something else instead. I celebrate the idea behind the Holiday. The idea is beautiful and well worth celebrating and everyone can appreciate it. It is the idea of being nurtured. It is the idea of creation. It is the idea that we are all Divine beings who are giving birth in every single moment.  As Ernest Holmes wrote, “Within us is the unborn possibility of limitless experience. Ours is the privilege of giving birth to it.”

Within each of us is the seed of creation, which is the very seed of our thoughts planted in the womb of life. I was walking with someone the other night and we discussed the color of flowers. How did each flower get to be the color it is – so different so vibrant? What made that color? We do not know and we do not know how Life creates. We just know it does. Evidence is all around us. We are that Life!

Today, Mother’s Day, I celebrate that Power of All Creation. Today, I celebrate that Power within each of us. That Divine gift that is ours to use. We are all expecting. We are in a constant state of expectancy every moment, either consciously or unconsciously. What are we expecting? That is the question.

As we celebrate or do not celebrate Mother’s Day today, let us remember that we are vehicles of creation, birthing the new in every moment. We can celebrate our perfect ideas being born into form with just the right amount of fingers and toes and flourishing health. We can be grateful for the amazing creativity we express in everything we do that is guaranteed to spring forth and bloom.

It is not relegated to any past programming. It is new. Just because our fathers or mothers did it that way or told us this, our ideas are new. If we can turn from the past and stay right here and now, limitless possibilities are ours.

What are you expecting? Take a deep breath and pause and listen. If you don’t like it, you have an option. I call it praying it out. Pray it out and replace it with what you want to expect. We have the choice. And that choice we make, makes all the difference in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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