The Bible is You

I’ve been reading the works of Florence Scovel Shinn, an amazing women of the Nineteeen Hundreds. She is very much about the Bible and its metaphorical meaning. In no way does she teach from it literally. Everything is a metaphor and each and every story is about you and me. All the characters represent something in our own beingness and personality. Did you know that you are not your personality? You are pure potentiality. Your personality is the use you make of that pure potentiality. In all ways, you are perfect and unlimited.

In Florence’s writing, she expounds upon the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea. Who are all these figures and what do they represent? Moses is that part of ourselves that is perfect faith. It is Intuition. It knows that it knows. Pharaoh is all our negative thoughts. It is the strong hand of negativity that keeps us enslaved. The Israelites are our doubts and fears. It is that part of ourselves that won’t totally trust. The Red Sea is the thing which we must cross to our promise land. What must we let go of, that when we do, will part the way to that perfect life that we so want to experience? When we are guided by our intuition and respond to it in action, the Red Seas part and dry land appears. That dry land is that perfect path that is made known to us.

I love the metaphor of this story. I’ve given it my own added interpretation so don’t tell me it’s not exactly as Florence has put it. We all get to do the same thing. Whatever, we need in order to understand  Truth is right within us. We just need to ask in the quiet of our soul, “What do I need to know?”

What do I need to know today about my Red Sea and how will I reach dry land. There is only one way that I know of. It is perfect faith and trust. It is what Ernest Holmes used to call “Relax into it.” I must relax into life – into my good.

There is a perfect Law of unfoldment. When I trust it, life unfolds perfectly. Even those things that seem to be stops along the way are questions for deeper knowing.

Last night on one of my favorite shows, one of the lead characters was wondering if he would ever know God. He said something like “maybe the craving we have to know God is enough.” I understand what he meant and I agree with some of it.

However, I know that we are not meant to live with cravings. For me, we are meant to live in peace of mind and perfect relaxation. Not because we have everything in every moment, but because we know we have everything even when it is not there in form. For me, this is knowing God. It is a complete relaxation in knowing that everything is always well. It is walking on dry land even though those Red Seas are on the left or the right of us. We walk in perfect faith, no cravings. We know that we know that we always have plenty.

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