Born of Love

When I called my mother on Mother’s Day, she said something very beautiful to me and very unlike our normal conversations. In childlike giggles she said, “You are my love child. When your father put his hands on me, you just came out.” She was awkward with her words and although it almost sounded funny or sexual, I knew what she meant. Something deep within me knew she was thinking of her life, my dad (who has passed) and she had a moment of clarity about Love.

In that moment, I had a moment of clarity about Love also. I suddenly deeply felt that I came from pure Love. Perhaps some of us do not feel this way, but in Reality, we all came forth from pure Love. It doesn’t really matter what the circumstances of our conception were, we are all born of Love. In that moment, Love brought forth Love. We wouldn’t be here if that weren’t so, because Love is the Creative Force flowing into Law.

Spirit creates by becoming the thing it creates. Spirit or God is Love. That would mean that we are each born of Love. I don’t know about you, but really knowing this makes a big difference in my life. It makes me feel that I am perfect. I am whole. I am worthy of Love because I am Love. All my cells are Love; therefore, all my cells are health and strength, filled with wonderous magical Love.

I invite us all to contemplate on ourselves as Love for even a moment. A part of us might fight the idea, but just keep with it. Spirit does answer as we contemplate.

We can do the same thing about this day. Just contemplate that it is a day of Love, wherever we walk, whom ever we meet, whatever we do, it is a journey of Love. I believe we will find ourselves on our true path and that wherever we show up will be exactly the right moment and place.

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