Trusting Our Intuition

I have been immersed lately in the work of Florence Scovel Shinn. I highly recommend her as a great read that can be put into practical application. Every great metaphysician teaches about the Law of Cause and Effect in the world of demonstration and how we must stay out-of-the-way of the channels through which things happen. Florence is a master at this and teaches through real life stories and examples.

As Florence puts it, we make our demands on the Law of our being and then dictate exactly how we want it to happen. We let  the Law know where we think our good is coming from. We have the plans; and although we say we trust, we are worrying the whole time about how and when those things we DEMAND will show up.

There is another way. It is called trusting our intuition. Once we have spoken our word about something that we want in our lives, we must let go and walk by intuition. We must be like the little child who goes to bed on Christmas Eve, sleeping soundly because she knows when she wakes up in the morning, that doll will be under that tree.

I remember a story in my own life when we moved on Christmas Eve. There was a thought in my mind about Santa finding me and bringing me that doll I wanted so badly. However, I knew that Santa had to find me. That is what Santa does, he brings little children their wishes. I slept soundly and the next morning, there was that doll under the tree.

What is happening in our lives right now that we could have more faith about? Can we trust that the perfect way of the Universal Law is not always in clear view? Can we have faith that once we have asked for something to be better in our lives that we are led by that request into perfect action through our Intuition?

Many of us are not used to following our intuition because our reasoning mind is more developed. Many of us are so logical and only see what we see.

However, we have a choice and a tool to develop if we want to live a more profound and deeply satisfying life. “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God (within) and everything else is given.” The tools we use are faith first and then the powerful gift of our Intuition. The hunches of Intuition that come are deeply felt in the heart and not by the reasoning mind. It takes time and practice to stop talking and deeply listen.

We each have our own path and it is ours to find. What an adventure! I look forward to practicing and growing in the power of my own Intuition.


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