It is a Responsibility

Last night, my husband and I gave a class on the work of Florence Shinn: The Game of Life and How to Play It. There were about 30 people in attendance, some new to our philosophy and some seasoned ministers. What I knew about last evening, when it ended, was that it was perfect.

During the break, one of the attendees came up to me and questioned me one of the quotes that was up on the Powerpoint. She had tears in her eyes. I could tell it had affected her deeply, although she would not disclose it to me. I gave her a hug and sent her on her way, letting her know I was here for her, if she needed to talk or had any other questions.

Later when I got home and even this morning, I am immersed in the idea of what a big responsibility it is to teach, to share, to speak. We do not have to be teachers or ministers to be in this position. We all are sharing, teaching and speaking in every moment. The words that come from our mouths hit their mark every time. I realize it is so important to think before we speak and let our words be uplifting and loving.

I always make sure to preface my classes and talks with the note that this is my idea and not necessarily the truth for everyone. I do not teach people what to think. I trust that I assist them in how to think in a way that serves their individual life.

And still, it is a responsibility. Anytime we claim to know something, children will listen. All children, not just those under 18. We are all children. We are all open vessels for wisdom and knowing. We want to feel validated. We want to give and share of ourselves. We are creative beings.

For me, I’m more aware now than ever that what I give must not be advice, but my truth. What I give I trust encourages others to find what works for them. What I give I trust will awaken another person to their magnificence. That is all I really need to know and then I will always be led to teach, share, talk and give exactly the right thing in every moment.



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