Am I Perfect?

Yesterday, I sat with someone who told me that we were all born imperfect. I know that many of us were taught this in our religion classes; however, through further contemplation, prayer, study and reading of the great books, including the Bible, I could not agree with this person. I have come to believe that we are eternal perfect beings, and that we are growing into that perfection through the realization of who we are – Pure Spirit, expressions of the one Power – God.

First of all, let’s be clear on what I mean by “perfect.” I am not talking about the decisions we make everyday or the things we do. I am talking about our innate nature. There is only one Power and it flows through everyone and everything. Why do we seem imperfect? There is only one reason that makes sense to me. It is because we are free. We have freedom of choice to live anyway we choose and to believe as we choose. When our beliefs pull us off the path of Love and our true identity, we begin to experience what seems like imperfection.  Imperfection is an illusion and a lie.

If we were not first perfect, how could we ever expect to heal. We could never become what we are not. Thomas Troward, the New Thought writer, wrote that there was a perfect spiritual prototype for everything and everyone. Florence Shinn called it “The Divine Design.” The Bible tells it perfectly in the story of “The Prodigal Son.”

If we do believe in an outside God and that He is our creator, think about it. How could someone who we claim is perfect make something that is not perfect.

I do not believe in an outside creator, I come from one Spirit that is in and through everything. Perfect Unity passes into perfect multiplicity.  I am perfect. I am a Divine expression of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, Beauty, Power and Wisdom. I come to this earth financed and supplied by Divinity. I might not know it all the time and I might not act like it all the time, but I am evolving. The more I can align myself with this, my Truth, the more my perfection is revealed.  I believe this and I believe this about each one of you.

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