Come to the Cabaret!

On July 13 and 14, my husband and I will present a Cabaret at our Center. The room will be transformed to resemble a New York Cabaret with tables and decorations. There will be a delectable pupu buffet with drinks. Patrick and I will entertain everyone for over an hour. The evening is full.

What’s the point? Why are we doing this? I ask myself that with everything I do here at the Center and in my life, because if it doesn’t serve a purpose that is in alignment with my mission in life, I might be better doing something else.

This Cabaret has deep meaning for me outside of its pure entertainment value. Let’s begin there, though. It is just plain fun. It is joyous. It is loving. It is relaxing. It’s great music.

However, is it inspiring? That is the first question I always ask myself: Will it be inspiring? That is the objective behind our song choices. We are singing 15 songs. These songs are from an earlier era. They are from the days of Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee, Gershwin, Cole Porter and others. If I were to lump these songs together in theme, it would be a theme of Love. Why of course. If a Cabaret isn’t about love, what is it about? We go to the Cabaret to feel life, to feel the spirit of Love.

When I think about love and when we sing about it, we are expressing the word at a universal level. We go beyond valentines and the love between partners. We go to the idea of Love that flows through us into many expressions. As Ernest Holmes once wrote, “Love is a Cosmic Force whose sweep is irresistible.”  Love is what directs our lives. It points the way. It is the Universe living and breathing through us.

I trust that all the right people are coming to the Cabaret. I trust that there is something more happening than my husband and I standing there in our elegant dress with microphones in our hands and people eating and drinking. I trust that what is happening at the Cabaret is that the world is just a little more loving because of it. As each person walks out the door on July 13 and 14, I trust that they will have an even higher love for themselves. I trust that we will all treat each other just a little better because of it.

There is more to a Cabaret than meets the eye. It is a gift from the Universe expressing itself through Patrick and me.  I am grateful to bless the world with it. See you at the Cabaret. And, if not, as the song says, “Life is a Cabaret, old chum…” So, find it wherever you are.



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