The Universe Meets All Demands…

I am thinking of expansion and growth this week, as we near the fourth birthday of Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i.  Ernest Holmes wrote, “Whenever the Universe makes a demand upon Itself, out of that very demand is created its fulfillment.

This statement has proved itself true in my own life over and over. If I am in crisis about anything, I go back to this quote and contemplate its meaning. If the Universe is living through me (and you) and it is, then it makes sense that it would have within It everything required for Its life through me (and you.) If we are here to express the fullness of Life in our own unique way, and I believe we are, then  everything would have to be right here ready to supply our Life.  My life is financed by God/Universe.

Remember the Bible quote, “…Before you call, I will answer…” Well, there is no truer statement for me. The answer is always already there; however, we have to call for it. We have to open up and accept it. Nothing is created in the moment; it already exists in its fullness. This might seem like a too good to be true statement, but really think about it. The Universe couldn’t exist for one moment, if it was constantly catching up with what t needed.

I’ve given up the eleventh hour. There is no such thing. In fact, there is only now. The eleventh hour philosophy shows my lack of faith. Right now in this moment, July 4, Independence Day, I am claiming my freedom by knowing that everything is right here awaiting my call. I am living from a place of fullness, able to give because there is always more and more and more.

“When Intelligence makes a demand upon Itself, It answers Its own demand out of Its own nature and cannot help doing so.” It is called “Emergent Evolution.” Everything emerges at the rate that it is required in every moment.

Let me give you a real life example.  Suppose you are hit by an unexpected large bill. You didn’t know your car was going to break down. Well, the Universe (you) has made a demand upon itself. Now is not the time to gripe about paying that bill or wondering where the money is going to come from. Now is the time to practice this Principle. I do it by being grateful to the people who are fixing my car. I do it by trusting and having faith that the exact amount of funds are always here at the exact and perfect time. I get out of the way of how it will unfold. Faith is a fool-proof method. It never fails.

I live in a Universe that I trust. I know it always has my back. Even when I am faced with a crisis in the world of conditions, I know it has my back. There is no such thing as a crisis; it is just a challenge calling upon my faith. Everything is always here right where I am ready to support me. I call this Grace and if I will fall back into it, I am alway caught.


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