Another Openin’ Another Show…It Either is or it Isn’t

As I sit here less than a week away from opening our Cabaret here at CSL Kaua’i, lots of thoughts cross my mind. However, what thoughts are dominating my mind? Am I thinking about how good or not good I’ll be? Am I worried about ticket sales? Am I stressed about my memorization or whether or not I’ll hit that note or remember that cue?

Whatever is dominating my mind I can guarantee will be my outcome. So who’s in charge. The events, the occurrences that show up, or me? My Truth tells me that I am in charge and I get to choose how I live this experience. I get to decide how it will turn out. I get to enjoy or not enjoy the journey. I get to determine in each moment what this moment will be, not relegated to any past moments.

This particular cabaret show has significant meaning for me. I am learning that the meaning has little to do with even the show itself. It is all about my experience and the freedom that is unfolding because I have embarked on this journey. At first, I was playing tapes from long ago that didn’t serve me. Every moment I get to put a new tape in or rewind and play the same tape again.

It’s really very simple. As Florence Scovell Shin once put it “we are the ones pulling the strings of our individual life.” We can blame it on the outside. We can blame it on ourselves. My truth is that it has nothing to do with blame. It is all about responsibility. I take responsibility for me, my attitudes, my successes, and my so-called failures. I love this because by taking responsibility I get to, as Thomas Paine once put it, “have the ability to start the world all over again.” And, again if I want.

Destiny is never solid. Life is ever-changing. The only thing that doesn’t change is that Magnificent Spirit that is rock solid and lies within us. We can turn to it and as we do, it turns to us through us.

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