Happy Birthday CSL Kaua’i!

They say that you’ll never watch and sunrise or a sunset the same way or with such depth as you do when you know you are dying. I say shame on us if this is true. We should be doing everything in our lives as if it is our last day.

I’ve thought about this a few times lately. How much time can we waste on trivialities and still let the sun and moon rises pass us by. I want to live my life in a more fuller way, and I focus myself more and more on that as I grow older. Not because I think I’m dying today, but because I’m happier this way.

There is so much to do in life and there has been a lot to do lately, but what do I truly believe about all this? Why do I get tired? Why do I get discouraged? The only reason is because I think i am doing the particular thing. As soon as I let go and relax into life, it relaxes for me. Things get done with ease and grace and unfold in a more perfect way without that horrible stress and strain I can experience in the other mindset.

Today Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i celebrates its fourth birthday. We are on the threshold of the status quo or moving into a bigger expression. Where will we travel? What will happen to CSL Kaua’i? We’re guiding the ship and yet something bigger than us is doing the work. As I watch the sunrise, I can feel it. I wonder if I’m like Moses who never quite made it to the promise land with the Israelites, but parted the Red Sea so they could begin the journey.

I am on the journey and the journey will continue without me someday. We are building it to be that way. When I think of all that has transpired in four years and the people who have come together to become CSL Kaua’i, I cannot imagine how it all happened. However, it did. It will continue to do so. It will become what it becomes, as it continues to evolve and meet the demands set before it.

One thing I know can be assured and that is that Love leads the way. If it continues to do so, there are no limits to what Love can do through CSL Kaua’i, its members and myself and Patrick.

As I write this, the sun has now risen on this beautiful day. Happy Birthday Center for Spiritual Living Kaua’i! May you be blessed and a blessing forever and ever expanding.

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