The Key to Grace

All month, I have been contemplating the idea of Grace. By the end of today, I will have given four messages about it at our Center for Spiritual Living, and even sang about it. This has been one of the most enlightening months in my ministry in that I have delved deeper into a word that I didn’t really think about much, and brought it meaning in my life.

I have come to more deeply understand that Grace is free and unconditional. I have come to more deeply understand that all people possess Grace and are using it at all times, even when they are not aware of it. I have come to more deeply understand that I can grow in Grace if I choose to. Yes, if I choose to. That is the biggest discovery I have made about Grace. It is not a choice, but I have a choice to accept it or not. In the past, I had this reversed. In other words, I thought that something outside of me chose to give me Grace or not. No, it is just the opposite.

So what is Grace? The only way I can define it is to say that it is a state of awareness and acceptance that everything in my life is unfolding in my favor at all times. It is a state of awareness that everything is for me and nothing is against me. It is a state of awareness that no matter what is occurring in my life that I am always home, guarded, guided and directed.

Now this might all sound wonderful in theory, but how do I get real with it? Theory and understanding is the only place I have to start; unless, of course, Grace yanks me into Reality by experience. And, it has done that on occasion. Those were the times when I was so far out of alignment with myself that I needed to be reminded of who and what I am.

So, once I have wrapped my head around Grace there is a way to experience or “get real with it and use this great gift. It takes surrender. It takes the decision to do so. It takes faith. It takes putting it into action. I put it into action by removing myself from my need to control everything. Instead I must be willing to accept that once I make a decision about something in my life and keep my mind poised on the good that is occurring, I can feel Grace move through me. I can actually see and experience it manifested in my life.

Once I stop resisting life and what is, I have the opportunity to change the only thing I can change – myself and my own mind.  Once I have the boldness to accept the idea that everything is conspiring for me at all times, I can then see that Grace is.

Do I walk in trust or in fear? Do I live in love or in judgment? Do I live in separation or in Unity? Answering these questions in every instance, will keep me in alignment with myself and with Grace.

If I’ve learned anything this month it is that there is nothing and I mean nothing I can do that will make Grace go away. It’s here and the more I can look for the good, the true, what is right, the more it appears.

It is done unto me as I believe. As much as I can believe about Grace is done unto me. Otherwise, Grace is just keeping me afloat. That is not enough for me. I want to live a life in awareness, in decision, in trust, and in faith. I want to live a life where I am always falling into Grace in a bigger way, where I know in every moment that I am at choice in how I perceive and live that perception. Life is full of synchronicities not coincidences. That is Grace. I get to look at everything through the eyes of Grace or not. I choose yes.

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