What Am I Expecting?

What do I expect out of Life? This is the question that Raymond Charles Barker asks us to ask ourselves in his book: “The Power of Decision.” What an eye-opener I had this morning when asking myself this question and actually journaling about it. What do you expect out of life? I invite you to take the quizz and open your heart in truth.

I do expect to be healthy. I think that is a given in my mind. It is why I am so shocked when I get sick. However, not really, because I can see what led to the sickness. Yes, I expect to be healthy. I’ve claimed it. I expect to live my life out healthy and when I am done I will be done.

Do I expect to be wealthy? This is a tricky one. I think I would like to be wealthy; however, do I really expect it? Do I believe that the Kingdom of God’s Wealth is mine? I think I expect to get by. I expect to pay my bills. I would like to expand my consciousness in this area. I would like to expect to be wealthy. How do I do this? I suppose I just do it. I just begin to expect to be wealthy. I up my value in the world.  I am worth it.

I’ve decided to change it right now. Raymond Charles Barker says it takes a desire, then a decision and then expectancy to bring something into one’s life. So how about I make a decision right in this moment to live richly – to be wealthy.  I open up to the ideas that it takes to live richly right now. I’ve been working on this just recently and, yes, the world shows up to meet me.

What else do I expect from life? I expect to be happy. I am happy. I’m a positive person. I walk through life looking at what is good. Do I expect to be happy? Yes, I believe I do.

I also have always expected to be in a great relationship. I’ve always had good relationships. I am a good person to be in relationship with. I know that about myself. It all starts with the self and I have a good relationship with myself.

When it comes to our Center what do I expect? What do I expect from this Center? I believe I’ve been backing down in this area. I believe I’ve kind of slowed my consciousness down. What am I waiting for? Do I expect a mega center with people coming from all over the world? Do I expect it to be rich and overflowing with money, people and projects? What do I expect from our Center for Spiritual Living?

I’m checking in and I’m getting that I need to push the ceiling up right now. What do I expect from this Center? I need to up my consciousness right now. Do I just expect to make our rent every month or am I expecting to flourish and grow and expand our  finances? What am I willing to give to receive the riches of the world for this Center? What am I willing to give in consciousness to make sure it survives me and is a beacon of life and light in this world?

It’s time to step out and stop waiting for others to catch up. Go Rita. You’ve got the energy to love this Center into the greatest Center for Spiritual Living ever. Why is it important? Because the world needs this teaching and it needs this particular teacher of it.

I am glad I had the opportunity to do this exercise that Raymond Charles Barker laid out. Yes, I realize that my expectations are a bit lazy. I need to spend more time with myself everyday going over my expectations. I need to up the anti. I need to expect more of myself and what I am doing with my life.

I will state it here.
I expect to be wealthy now. I expect CSL Kaua’I to be successful and flourish and grow even bigger now. I expect to be healthy now. I expect to give and receive abundance now, I expect to live more fully now. I expect to be happy now.

I think it is important to keep an expectation diary. I invite us all to examine our expectations for out of them our the issues of our life.

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