Living My True Identity

I am so joy-filled to finally understand who my parents are? I have only one parent and that is the Spirit, the one Mind, the One Presence. I am grateful to know this because of its implications as my life now.

Because I know who my true parent is I am no longer relegated to heredity of physical manifestations and mental attitudes that I was brought up with. I can understand that I chose these amazing people, my earthly parents, who provided the avenue for me to come to this earth, and as those who would assist me in the ways that I had chosen for growth and expression.

Knowing that my real parent is Spirit, I know that I am Spirit. I know that I am perfect. I understand that I have infinite wisdom. I understand that my true essence has never been touched by anything in the world of form. I understand that as I live and breathe, Spirit lives and breathes as my life. It is the Cause of everything.

There could be nothing lacking in my life. As Myrtle Fillmore put it, “I am a child of God and I do not inherit disease.” I might experience disease for whatever reason, but it is not something I inherited and it is something that I can choose to let go of at any time. I can get a new idea and have a new experience. All my experiences are here for my good.

The teachers that have come to me from the past, calling out to assist me at this time in my evolution have already proved these principles. They have witnessed the lame walking and people shedding earthly deformities. They have experienced prosperity and unlimited love in their lives. They have experienced lives beyond the world of conditions and risen as Thomas Troward would put it, “beyond the Law of Averages.” 

We all have these same capabilities and destinies if we will but take the wheel of our life and fuel our life with the Spirit and Divine Perfect Presence. If we can shed old wornout ideas and if we can take a new thought, try it on and practice it daily, we will see the changes in our life that we so want to express. However, we must be persistent.

I know that this is Truth because I have proved it. Now I choose to prove it and experience it to a greater extent. I am growing. I am releasing the old. When Jesus said, “Greater things than this shall ye do,” he was just letting us know that expansion is a given. This is what “open at the top means.” There is always more.

If we want to experience that more, we must let go of our finite ideas, our fixation with heredity, and our self-punishing attitudes that our locked in the past. We must replace them with Love for ourselves and others. We must remember that there is a Principle of Life that is living through us that is unlimited and ready for us to LET OUT.

Have an amazing day! May you live your true identity!

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