Let Us Pray…

Yet again, another mass shooting has touched our lives. The ground in Las Vegas is still wet with the blood of another group of angels. That is what I call them all. They have given their lives yet again so that we might see. Will we see and will we love more when it looks like all is lost?

I am knowing that we do not use this as another excuse for pointing to the outside for our answers and more hate. I invite everyone to leave the seeking for answers in the world of form to those who do that and for the rest of us to turn off our TVs and pray all day today and into tomorrow and the next. We each have our own way of praying. Please use the one that works for you, of course. All prayer is one and here is mine.

There is one Source of all Life. It is that Power which created everything from itself. That Power I call Love. I call God. It is everything that ever was and is and will be. It is right here in my very being. I live and move and have my being in God. There is nothing else and so I know this is the essence and Truth of each and every part of creation. Love is God. God is Love. This Principle is never absent even when it seems to be.

So, knowing this and knowing that God is Love and eternal and everywhere present, I know that right now God is Las Vegas and all of its people. I focus on those who have just transitioned and I bless their journey. I know they are safe, and that their eternal journey continues. I give thanks for their lives.

I know that the person who did this thing is also on his journey and I know he is not separate from me. I only know peace for him and that the power of God is right where he is making itself known.

I bless each person touched physically, mentally and emotionally by this act of violence and I trust that they are surrounded by and infused with Love and support at this time. I know they are not separate from me and that my words touch the same atmosphere in which they live, so I know that my love is felt and heard right now.

I give thanks for the perfect outcome of this experience, and that it is bringing peace and love and rest to all involved. I give thanks for the Love that is here. I give thanks for those who gave up their earthly lives and to all those who help and support at this time. I give thanks for the wisdom that comes from this and our ability to apply this wisdom now in a way that assists us to know and live from a higher consciousness of Love. I give thanks for the Love that exudes forth from each and every one of us as we lift up the fallen and help.

We are all together. We are united. Our Love is greater than fear. And so, now I just release this Word of Love that I have written here into Universal Law that makes it so.  We are each guided now and directed to do what is ours to do. And so it is!

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