The Gift of Fire Walking

Last night I walked on fire for the very first time in my life. I had always wanted to do this, but never knew that it would come to me in this easy and most profound way. We are at a Ministerial Conference, and the amazing Dr. John Waterhouse and his wife Dr. Barbara Waterhouse “just happened” to be licensed firewalking facilitators. As they are hosting this event, a firewalk was inevitable.

One-hundred fifty ministers had the opportunity last night to walk on a bed of 1200 degree coals. We could accept this challenge or choose not to walk. We are made aware that either choice was the right choice. We were always at choice.

When I came to the event I had not yet made the decision to walk. I wanted to really center myself and be in the right mind. I didn’t want to do it just to do it. I kept questioning myself on why I wanted to do this. It was important to me to stay focused within my own mind and yet open up to the group experience.

We had this opportunity, because there were many moments of silence. There were also moments of singing and standing in solidarity. We even built the fire as a community. As we waited for the coals to be ready, we made our own prayer flag necklaces to anchor ourselves.

So, it came time to walk and there I was standing with 150 others in front of that bed of coals. I felt deeply that I was doing this to release my fears of the world of conditions once and for all. “I am bigger than this,” I thought. My Spirit is not of this world. It lives in this world, but only because I chose this journey. “I Am bigger than this.” I might be in this physical body, but my real body is Spirit.

I released my fear, and knew even if my feet were to blister it didn’t matter. I am bigger than the world of form and conditions, and I can walk through anything. I was calling myself to choose to prove to myself that Spiritual thought force is greater than material resistance.

And so, I walked and I am here to let you know that I will forever be changed by this experience. Will I ever be afraid again? Not in the same way. I was in fear right before I took that first step. Being in fear is not the issue. Courage is the ability to walk through that fear even though you are still feeling it. It is not about waiting until you are not afraid. It’s about doing whatever that thing is in spite of it.

Fear is a healthy thing and has its place. It can be a signal to us to keep us safe. However, fear is not our master. We are its master. We use it. It doesn’t use us. I learned that last night.

With everything going on in the world now, checking in with our fear is very important. For me, I know that I am being called to live in faith not fear. I am being called to be a beacon of light. I am called to live from a higher consciousness. I am being called to love more than ever.

Walking on fire came at just the right time for me. I am grateful. It gave me the gift of knowing at a deeper level that can do anything. And for those of you out there who tremble at this thought, know that we are all from the same God Stuff. We all have the same power. We are right where we are supposed to be. We do matter and we do make a difference. Whatever the fire of your life is, you are up to it, or it wouldn’t be there in front of you.

One thought on “The Gift of Fire Walking

  1. My partner and I did this a few years ago. We walked on glass during the day, then fire as it grew dark. It’s an amazing experience. I’ve included a glass walking photo to my blog and will be adding a photo of the fire walking to my Photo Friday post sometime soon.


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