Is Any Disease Incurable?

Today, I saw a post on Facebook about auto-immune disease. In a nutshell, the post let all of us know that auto-immune disease was real and that it was incurable. The post also let us know that some of us were insensitive enough to say things like “get over it” to people inflicted with this disease. It went on to explain all the types of auto-immune diseases.

I was deeply moved by this post for many reasons. One in particular is that I do not believe that anything is incurable. I actually have seen people come back to health from many different types of diseases, including auto-immune diseases. I repeat, “Nothing is incurable.”

I am reminded of the late Louise Hay who assisted thousands of people inflicted with AIDS in the 1980’s and throughout her life. She found one cause to all disease, including her own. She believed and she proved it was self-love.

When I read posts like the one I read today, I know that this is a very real and painful experience in the lives of those inflicted. I do not deny this. However, as a person who believes deeply in healing or revealing the Truth of ourselves, I ask myself many questions? If God is good, then why would one person be inflicted and incurable and another not? If Life supports us, then can l Life support one person and be against another? My answer is what is good for one is good for all, because I know that God or Good is present everywhere and all-powerful and all-knowing.

So, I ask myself how can I help these people and all people? I do not do it by denying the reality of their condition or by telling them to get over it, or by asking them, what they are thinking?”

What I can do is to help us all, including myself to love ourselves more, even when we are suffering from a condition. God did not go away. The all-sustaining Intelligence and Love of the Universe is right where we are at all times. This Power overrides all conditions and can make things new now.

So, what do we do when we are inflicted? I believe we ask ourselves what we want? How will we live creatively and joyously, finding purpose in our lives even with our diseases? What can we do now? Can we accept that healing is possible? Do we believe that we have all the support that we need? Are we willing to see our lives in a new way? I understand it can be difficult when we are in the middle of pain everyday, but can we reach within for guidance? Do we take the time to do that? Can we reach out for help? Can we accept our wholeness despite our condition? I have witnessed many people doing this and receiving the results they have sought.

I know in the depths of me that we are so much more than skin and bone and tissue. Back of all of it is a Life Principle that is leading us back to ourselves through it all. It does take our hand and inspire us when we ask deeply. I am reminded of Myrtle Fillmore, the Founder of Unity, who went deep within herself when she was condemned to an incurable disease. “There must be a power within me that can heal me,” she contemplated deeply. She was given an answer and revealed her health. It wasn’t instantaneous, but little by little she got well. There are many like her. Let them lead the way.

I invite us all to surrender our diseases of all kinds to that Power greater than we are. Whatever we understand it to be, It will lead the way. It will guide and direct. It will offer solutions and miracles, whether they come in the form of medical attention or instantaneous healing. It is done unto us as we believe. Let us stop condemning ourselves and Love, Love, Love and accept our healing.

With Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita


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