“So, You Think You Can Fly?”

Every day on my run/walk on the Kealia Path, I pass a chalking on the road that asks the question, “So, you think you can fly?” It is more of a challenge than the question. At least, that is the way I take it. Every day, when I pass it, I answer, “Yes, you bet I can.” Of course I am not talking about the physical ability to fly. (The chalking is right by the Pineapple dump which is a historical site, an extension over the ocean.) I am talking about the metaphorical challenge to fly over the world of conditions. Yes, I repeat, I think I can fly.


I have had this attitude many times in my life and I have accomplished seeming impossible things. I once produced a show in the middle of a 24,000 person town called Shenandoah. I was told I would never find the 24 men that could sing and dance that I needed. I was told I would never find the Civil War period costumes and the 16 authentic civil war rifles that were needed. Well, I did. I was a mental attitude which is so convinced of its own idea that everything came forward to assist me to accomplish that idea.

Nothing is impossible. I believe today, we are being challenged to accept this premise in an even deeper and more profound way, as the world seems to be crashing around us. Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote, “We are experiencing a collective next beginning as a species. We are currently experiencing a great wake up call for human maturation. We have entered the first phase of conscious evolution, the evolution from unconscious to conscious choice, when our species becomes aware of the whole evolutionary journey and becomes co-responsible for guiding the process on a planetary scale.”

Yes, we are being challenged to go beyond the hypnotic state we’ve been under and think and act anew. Do you think you can fly? Do you believe there is not such word as impossible? If you do not, I invite you to look around, look back, look within. We have through all of time done the seeming impossible. We have proof in that we can fly, we can go to the moon, women can vote, an African-American man became President…the list goes on.

What is your impossible dream? What is the thing which resides in your heart that seeks manifestation. Maybe there is something that perhaps you’ve checked off as impossible.

Ernest Holmes described God not as a man on a cloud, but as “the creative insistence  of the Universe.” That is who we are. We are made of God stuff and these bodies that we have are merely clothed consciousness. God stuff can do anything. It knows no limited.

So, do you think you can fly? Whatever we can believe, we can achieve? Whether it is world peace, the end of hunger, you name it. However, it must be backed by FAITH as Ernest Holmes wrote, Faith is “beyond the mere quibbling or mumbling of words for it identifies itself with Reality in such a manner that Reality becomes real to the believer. The Invisible becomes visible to the mind and the unseen real.”

It is time to have the faith of God and walk with that faith into our work, our life, our relationships. That would mean that we must accept that this Creative Intelligence is our Intelligence, We must accept that we have used it, sometimes in not great ways and in great ways. However, now we get to consciously choose to use it again and change the wheels of causation in a whole new direction and keep it turned.

So, you think you can fly? Think again and again…YOU CAN! WE CAN! AND SO IT IS!

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