Growing My Faith

Did you know that you can actually grow your faith? Think about it? We are growing our faith at all times. However, where are we planting those seeds? Do we have faith that all is well in our lives or do we have faith in the next disaster that we are sure will occur?

We can grow our faith in our good just as easily as we can grow our faith in those things we say we detest and fear. We say we detest them  and fear them, yet why do we keep affirming them?

It is very simple, so let’s keep it simple. If we want more good in our lives and in the world, we have to start believing and affirming it. We cannot get away from it. It is a mental universe and everything begins with an idea, a thought, a belief. If you look at all manifestations in the world, you will see this is the truth. Things happen from the inside out. The view we have to change is not out there.

I am going to begin to grow my faith in love and that ever-present power of peace even deeper today. Every time a thought comes up that counters that deep faith that I am cultivating, I am going to bring my mind back to the Truth.

The Universe is for us, not against us. Each of us makes a difference. Life is unfolding perfectly no matter what it looks like. There is no death, only Life. We are each the Way, the Truth and the Light. We each walk a Divine path just like the Master Jesus did and Buddha, Gandhi, Yogananda and thousands of others.

I know that the highest good for all is present right now. The Truth rises in each experience bringing everything into balance. There is more good going on in this world than not. Nothing is impossible and miracles happen in every moment.

I invite us all to join in building our faith right now and most importantly, putting that faith into action today.

Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita

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