My Life is Unfolding Perfectly

I learned an affirmation from my mentor many years ago: “My life is unfolding perfectly.” It is powerful and I am reminded to use it more often lately. I can also use it when thinking of others who might seem to be having a hard time in life. “__________’s life is unfolding perfectly.” I could even add “Divine right action is in place.”

However, is life always unfolding perfectly? I believe it is. We set intentions for our life. Even when we are not consciously doing so, we are setting intentions. I believe it is better to set intentions consciously. I awake in the morning and I affirm that my day is unfolding in such and such a way. I claim the things I want to experience that day. I walk out into the world with those affirmations in mind.

Then at times, I forget. The day takes hold of me and I am drawn into the dramas, the news, family matters, church business. I have to stop and remind myself that my life is unfolding perfectly. I set my intentions upon waking, and now I have to know that everything that is transpiring is following the flow of my attention. Then I continue to affirm the perfection, I see the perfection in the seeming imperfection.

Emma Curtis Hopkins, one of my favorite teachers and mystics, wrote that we have to have “firm minds.” This means that we have to stay true to the goodness we say we want to believe in. We have to stay focused on the right, the true, the beauty, the love, the harmony, the balance and much more. If we do, then it unfolds. And when it unfolds for one of us, the world is lifted at the same time. For example, we cannot say there are no criminals, but we can affirm that those criminals are whole and harmonious. We can affirm that their lives are unfolding perfectly.

If, instead, when something goes wrong, we immediately go to a doomsday mentality, we create more of it. This is what we are seeing in the world today. However, what I know is that one of us “alone in consciousness with the Infinite constitutes a complete majority.” We make a difference every time we say and live the idea that our lives are unfolding perfectly. As we begin to have happy and fulfilling lives, as we begin to experience everything from this place, we lift the planet.

Everyday, I ask myself, why am I here? I want to make sure that I am on track. The answer I always get is to live my life fully from my God’s self and by doing so to be an inspiration to others.

I cannot do this if I am caught in the world of form, living out a life trying to change everything and everyone else. If I can instead live everyday as a perfect life unfolding no matter what I see in my checkbook or on a physical diagnosis (yes, that too), then my whole life opens up to healing and being a healing presence.

We are not really of this world. We’ve put on these costumes for a while. We’ve been learning lots of lessons, if we choose to. The biggest lesson being “Love thyself!”

My life is unfolding perfectly. There is a difference between a perfect life and a perfectly unfolding life. One is an illusion, the other is a journey. There is nothing out of place. Every encounter I have moves me within and then without and then within… I live my life from the inside out and perfection flows in every moment. The same is true for you!

Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita

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