Unrequited Love

I think that sometimes we suffer from unrequited love in relation to the Spirit within. How can that be? Well, if we define unrequited love, we know that it is a love that is not returned or reciprocated. So many great stories in literature and film delve into this topic. We sit transfixed with these stories, in tears, hoping that either the beloved will get her/his beloved or get over it.

So, how does this relate to our relationship with Spirit? Any time, we feel lost or a sense of lack or are in fear. We have created an illusion of separation. We have created the illusion of unrequited or unreciprocated love with Spirit.

The Truth is we never were separated or could we ever be. Spirit is right here where we are. It lives and breathes through and as us.

Do we long for anything in our life and feel that it is not ours? Do we long for finances or for companionship, or peace of mind? Do we long for anything and we cannot seem to acquire it? This is a form of unrequited love and it is all related to the idea that we think we do not have something. The truth is we do, and it has been here all the time. There can be no unrequited love in Spirit. We are lacking nothing. We cannot get more love. We already possess all the love there is. We cannot get more abundance. We are abundance. We cannot get more peace. We are the peace of God right now.

We already have everything. I know it might be hard to fathom this when we are looking at an empty checkbook or we’ve just gone through a broken relationship, or our if fear of the world out there, but if we can just sit with this idea for a moment and open up to its possibilities, the light and love of Spirit will begin to become real to us. The only thing blocking its flow is an idea that it is not there. If we believe it is, it is; if we believe it is not, it is not.

I have witnessed miracles in mine own life and the lives of others by allowing this simple Truth to take hold. One thing is for certain. We must start right where we are. We cannot go further than our present understanding, but we can grow in that understanding.

No matter what is occurring in our life, I invite us to take a breath into the present moment and leave our troubles for just a moment and say “everything I require is right here. All is well and I am grateful.” Breathe into this idea and let it fill the moment. I know that guidance and direction is right where we are because the Infnite Intelligence of the Universe is right where we each are. The Peace of God is our identity.

There is no such thing as unrequited or unreciprocated love in Spirit. Spirit gives us exactly what we give it. It is Law. If we want more, we must know we are the more. If we seek love, we must be love. This is the way of Love and Law and it works for everyone equally at the level of their consciousness. Our only job is to expand our awareness of it as our life now.


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