It’s Not the Guns, God Isn’t Punishing us and the Devil Didn’t Make Him Do It!

I wept at the news of the mass shooting at the Baptist Church in Texas. It seems we are no closer to answers in the world of form of how to stop the violence that we are inflicting on one another. We point a finger here and there, trying to justify why this is happening. I actually had someone ask me if I thought God was mad. I listened to someone else say that the devil is running amok here on earth. And then of course, we think everything will be solved when we get control of guns.

Well, I am all for gun control, and I do not understand how guns get into the hands of people with known mental illness and criminal records. I also don’t understand why our leaders don’t feel it is necessary to take some kind of action in this area. However, I also know it’s not the guns, God isn’t mad, and the devil didn’t make him do it.

Trying to fix things at the level of the problem in the world of form is not the full answer. We could never do it. If someone is truly intended on doing some sort of destruction to themselves or others, it would be impossible for anyone to stop them. September 11, 2001 was proof enough of that. I can’t guess the answer through blaming all of this on some conspiracy either.

There is something much deeper and more frightening that is occurring. It is the loss of our True Identity and feelings of self-worth and self-love. We have left our brothers and sisters alone to hate themselves and feel hopeless. We’ve checked kids-at-risk off at the age of 13, saying let’s get to the little ones. There is hope for them.

One person cannot take care of all of this on their own in the world of form; but, one person can make a difference that ripples out. We can begin right where we are. We can find our own peace. We can reach out to those right next to us in our own families, in our own neighborhoods, in our grocery stores and street corners. We can awaken someone’s self-worth today by helping them to remember who they truly are. As each person awakens, there is a ripple effect.

I have the scientific method of Spiritual Mind Treatment that I work with everyday. Dr. Hew Len used the Hawaiian version of “Ho’oponono” which does the same thing. People come into our Center and they take the Principle of self-love and change their lives. Louise Hay assisted in the healing of a whole population of men and women during the AIDS epidemic. There are so many spiritual tools to use, and we can find the one that works for us.

I know the only answer to our challenges here on earth begin in the heart of each individual. We must start taking care of ourselves, lifting our lives, being examples. Then, when others fall, we are here to assist them from a place of Spiritual understanding.

The answers to our challenges are Spiritual answers. We need a Spiritual Awakening. I know that this is what is happening. I feel it. I sense it. I know it. I am seeing it. These last attempts to hold onto the world we once knew are losing their power. I refuse to say it is getting worse. I know that everyday I see a brighter and clearer now. This is not an ostrich with her head in the sand. I see the facts, but deny their necessity. I do everything that I can do to make a difference. 

Donna Michael, a minister and musician once said that when we are lifting ourselves out of the darkness, the ego tries with all its might to hold on. That’s why it seems that things are getting worse. She called it, “the last gasp of a dying fear.”

I believe that is what we are seeing. The more of us that turn inward and ignite our lights and begin shining them out, the darkness will dissipate. We are all connected and as we let go of our small ego selves, shift is occurring.

I invite us to be strong, continue in faith, live in joy and passion, and lift the fallen and dry their tears with a sense of knowing that all is well. We are safe. We never die. Life is for us and not against us. Perfect Love does cast out all fear.

Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita

One thought on “It’s Not the Guns, God Isn’t Punishing us and the Devil Didn’t Make Him Do It!

  1. Thank you Rita for this perfect reminder. It is so easy to get lost in fear, anger, and despair at times likes these and forget the truth that you have spoken so beautifully. Thank you, thank you, thank you …


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