I Choose to See the Good

There is more good in the world than an absence of good. I choose to see the good. When I say I choose to see the good, it doesn’t mean I am seeing the good in an apparently evil situation like the recent shooting in Texas. It doesn’t mean I am sitting here saying all is well. Some people think that about our philosophy. They think we are ostriches with our heads in the sand. They think we are blaming people for their problems. Saying that it’s their fault because of the way they’ve been thinking. There is nothing true about this and anyone that tells you this sort of thing doesn’t know the Truth of this philosophy called “The Science of Mind and Spirit.”

Yes, we are responsible for our lives but that means that we are responsible for how we react to what happens to us. We realize that everything is happening through us and that if something is here in our experience, it is here for us not against us. We choose to see the good means that we choose to learn and expand our consciousness and our ability to love through our experiences.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that “the world is coming to realize that it had learned all it can through suffering.” I believe this, and I believe this time is approaching rapidly. For some of us, it’s already happened. Life is full of experiences. I believe are here to give God experience. God isn’t a way out there idea or person. God is right where each of us are. It is written that we are here to discover this. Think about it. What if we all really believed that? We are giving God an experience right now. What we do not always know is that God is unlimited. We get to give God the biggest and grandest experience of love or we get to give God the grandest and biggest experience of anything we want. We get to choose.  Sometimes these choices are made in ignorance – that is without the knowledge of who and what we truly are.

Did those people in the Texas shooting choose to be killed that day? I can’t say I know the answer to that because I am not in their minds. What I can say is that no one ever dies and each and every person’s journey is their own. I also know that my brothers and sisters in Texas and everywhere need my love right now. They need my knowing when they can’t do it for themselves. So what I do in every moment is know that they are comforted. I know that peace and love is right where they are. I know that whatever is required in the way of support and assistance is made manifest now. I know that at the bottom of all their grief, Love is holding them, Grace is holding them. That’s what I know.

I also know that I believe in Good, which is the way I started this whole piece of writing. I know for every shooter that commits such an act, there are millions upon millions of people doing wholesome and loving acts, helping people, raising children, teaching, healing and expressing God in magnificent ways.

I know also that this person who committed this awful act that hurt so many people is also hurting. I am knowing his healing wherever he is right now. I am knowing that the same God (because there is only one God) is expressing itself through him. He just chose to express God in a horrific way. I’m so sorry for that, but I know that no one is ever lost – not his victims or him. Life continues and expands and expands.

I will close with this quote by Ernest Holmes that was spoken in 1959 and posted by my husband, Rev. Patrick Feren on Facebook yesterday. It pretty much sums up what is next for us.

“The world is undergoing the death throes of an old order and the travail of a new birth, and whether or not it remains suspended in a state of indeterminate coma or passes immediately into Heaven as the Divine promise, will depend entirely upon how many of its ancient corpses it is willing to lose. It is as certain as the laws of nature are immutable, that someday this transition will take place, someday the world will be reborn, resurrected into a consciousness of unity, cooperation, and collective security” Ernest Holmes

I believe this time is now!

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