Here I Am

What I’ve learned is that everything, and I mean everything that has ever been told to me, everything I’ve ever heard, and everything that I’ve experienced resides within my subconscious mind. This is not some theory. It has been proven by the great minds of the centuries, first through inspiration and intuition and then through experimentation. It is scientific and can be proven by anyone of us. All we have to do is look at our lives and how we act and respond to life and we will see what is guiding our show. Some of us know this consciously. Some of us are walking around wondering why our lives are the way they are without a clue. I am one of the conscious ones. I choose to be conscious.

Because of this, I know something else. I also know that I can control my subconscious mind because trained thought is far more powerful than untrained thought. I can train myself to think what I what to think by shifting and changing beliefs that are buried within. I am the believer, not my beliefs. I have the power to change my beliefs.

This morning during my meditation I suddenly realized that there was something I had yet to let go of. It was still running my show. It had to do with feelings of self-worth that began in my childhood. I’m not even sure when they first started to grow and it really doesn’t matter. We do not have to go on a hunt for causes, we merely have to bring ourselves right here and right now and love ourselves. Whatever our life was up to this moment is just that – the past. We have the opportunity to choose right now what we want to believe, and, therefore, what we want to experience.

In the teaching I embrace I have a method to do this and it works. I know because I’ve proved it. It’s a scientific method called Spiritual Mind Treatment. I can sit quietly with myself and begin to let myself know the Truth about myself. I can retrain my thinking with this powerful method. I clears all thoughts that counters my desire to expand.

I recognize that there is one Power that lives and breathes through all of creation. It is only Good. It is Love. It is unlimited, infinite Intelligence. I then logically conclude since it is everywhere and in everything that would include me. From this place of knowing I declare that whatever it is I want to experience is now possible and is actually occurring. Nothing is impossible to a Power that is unlimited and infinite. Everything is brought back into harmony and balance through this recognition. I am grateful for it because I know it is already accomplished.

After that, I have to do the most important thing of all – I have to let it go. There is a Law of Cause and Effect that brings everything forward. I’ve just created the Cause (the pathway) with my Word, and now I have to trust the Law to bring about the effect.  And, I have to let go of HOW I think it should happen. It happens in the best and most powerful and most loving way. That’s all I need to know.

There is an Intelligence that knows how to bring everything into being. We are using it everyday with our minds. I invite us all to search our own hearts, minds, souls and come to our own conclusions. I know, for myself, I want to live the greatest and most expansive life possible. I cannot do this if I am still holding onto falsities about myself.

I choose to let it go and speak to myself anew and say, “I Am here!” The past is gone. It was all part of the journey called Rita. I bless it. I let it go. It doesn’t matter what anyone else ever said or thought about me. It only matters what I think. I choose to think from the higher plane of Light and Love. If I have to tell myself a million times, I will because I am worth it. I trust that I am changing my mind and beliefs. I can see the out-picturing already.

And now I let the greater expression of myself reveal itself. I not only think and talk about it, I live it. That’s the most important part – Living It. I walk out into life as the things I have claimed about myself. If I don’t fully believe it at first, that’s okay. Little by little or all at once, I will. I do. I am here – finally. HERE I AM!

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