In Relationship to Money…

On the Deepak/Oprah meditation this morning they discussed relationships. It was focused on relationships with others, but I was inspired to make a different comparison. We do not just have relationships with people. We are in relationship with everything – our health, our finances, our jobs, our creativity, and everything in our life. We are always in relationship to something.

When my husband and I teach relationship workshops, we always point everything back to the self. If we want more from a relationship, we need to look within and see what we feel is not enough about ourselves. If we are reaching out for love from someone else that never seems to be enough, we must look within ourselves and see where we feel that we are not enough. It all begins with the self.

Focusing the questions on our relationship with finances, it has to be the same thing.  If we are in a situation where we want to improve our finances, we must look within. We can ask the same questions? What is our relationship with money telling us about our relationship with ourselves? Is there never enough? Does it always seem to be out there? Do we always need more and more? Is our relationship a one-night stand? Do we have a distaste for it? Do we think it isn’t necessary? Do we feel it’s for other people and not us? Do we scorn it? Another question is, do we give this relationship quality time? How do we spend our time with money? Are we always thinking about it with gratitude or are we constantly in a state of dissatisfaction?

I do believe that however we answer these questions does directly relate to how we feel about ourselves. Everything in our life is created from our beliefs. If we are in a state of self-love, feeling we are enough, if we feel our self-worth, it would make sense that everything in our lives would out-picture this.

I know, for me, this is the truth. I take responsibility for what shows up in my life, knowing it is directly related to how I think about myself in life, whether it is my finances, my health  or my personal relationships.

I remember a time when I just couldn’t find the right vocation. I was here and there and all over the place. After a time of really working on my self-worth and getting clearer and clearer on how I wanted to spend my time and developing the gifts I truly felt were mine to give, the right vocation made itself very clear. I’ve never looked back. I am exactly where I am supposed to be right now.

There is nowhere to look for anything besides within. Everything is there for us. We have all the intuition within to guide and direct us. We have all the intelligence we need to make clear and loving decisions. We are always enough just as we are. The more we can open up and accept ourselves and love ourselves, the more our lives will reflect that self-worth. That includes our relationships with our finances, other people, our health and everything in our lives.


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