Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream…

Last night I had a dream where I was on a road trip with Patrick (my husband) and a friend. My friend was driving the van. Because she wasn’t paying attention, we suddenly found ourselves at the edge of a cliff careening off into space. We were about to say our farewells, when I simply said “No! Let’s treat right now!” I went into a Spiritual Mind Treatment. I didn’t close my eyes, and witnessed the van finding itself back on the road coming to rolling stop. We all looked at each other and together said, “This stuff works!” We were talking about Spiritual Mind Treatment. Well, of course it does!

As I review the dream in my mind and write about it, I can so see its metaphorical meaning for me. How often do we not pay attention in life, relegating ourselves to the Law of Averages, to others’ consciousness, or a happenstance world. It seems like things just happen to us. However, if we will consciously take the wheel of our life and align ourselves with our Divine selves, thinking from this highest place, nothing is impossible. We are led safely home. I do believe this, and I do my best to practice this.

However, like many of us, sometimes I let myself get sucked into the consciousness of the masses. We call it the “race consciousness.” It is the prevalent belief of the majority. When we do that, we subject ourselves to the outcomes of race consciousness. I do believe this and have witnessed it in my life.

I know that everyday it is so important to take the time to align myself with Divine thinking. This is not a beseeching prayer; it is the belief that is anchored in peace, love, joy and the knowing that there is a perfect Law that responds to that thinking and always brings me safely home.

We might say it is not be easy to do this in the world we are living in right now, but if we want to make a difference, we must. Everything appears to us as we believe it to be. We do not have to deny reality. It’s real all right! However, we must train our minds to look through reality to the higher Reality. Can we begin to picture a world of kindness, of love, of abundance for all. Yes, we can if we choose to and we can assist others to do the same by sharing our spiritual tools with them. We can begin right where we are and expand. And, most importantly, we can walk out into action from that place.

I remember a song that I used to sing as a teenager. I think Joan Baez sang it. It went something like this, “Last night I had the strangest dream, I’ve ever had before. I dreamt the world had all agreed to put an end to war.”

It’s true. Every change in the world has started with a dream, inspiration, an idea. We might wonder where those ideas, dreams and inspiration came from. Well, it wouldn’t be possible to think of them if they weren’t already in the collective consciousness and a reality. When we hear real Truth, we recognize it. It is familiar. We are not creating anything. We are just catching dreams and living them.

I invite us all to keep our highest dreams and ideals right now. Things are shifting already. We are witnessing it. It might be darkest before the dawn, but the dawn does come.

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