Thoughts and Prayers and…

There are those who are upset now because our politicians use the words “Our thoughts and prayers are with…(whatever the tragedy is) and then continue to do nothing about it. Another tragedy occurs and they continue to repeat the same sentiments.

I get it totally. We can’t just keep saying the same thing over and over with no intention to do anything to change. If I am sick and I want to be well, of course, I first begin in prayer. However,  I am compelled to do something. I don’t just sit imagining myself well. I begin to act well. I walk into life inspired to take action.

Ernest Holmes once wrote that prayer doesn’t change God, but does change the one praying. This is true. If we pray and are not changed in some way, then we have not prayed aright. We just possibly spouted a bunch of words with no conviction or intention to change.

This is what I know about prayer: PRAYER WORKS! Prayer works within the one praying when it compels them to take that prayer and begin to act from that place. Thus, the Bible quote, “Faith without works is dead.”

Are you praying for peace? I’m sure many of us are. However, are we taking that prayer into our lives and living peace? Some of us might be compelled to take that living of peace into an activist role in the larger arena, and then there are those that do not do that. What are we doing? Are we living in peace? If we pray for peace, we must be peace. It’s simple. We must stop bickering, complaining, judging.

If I pray, knowing I am abundant, then I can’t start complaining as soon as I start my day, saying no money is showing up. I must live like I am abundant. This begins in mind, as I know it is already accomplished, and then I walk into the world as that abundance. I begin to take action. I work. I give to others. I accept gifts given to me. I am generous with my time my talents.

This makes so much sense to me and I can see why people think their prayers are not answered. We are praying and then we go back to business as usual. We do a million other things that are counter to our prayer.

Prayer should move us to live our prayer or we better pray again. Ernest Holmes once said that we should not be surprised if our prayers ARE answered. We should be surprised if they ARE NOT, and then work to discover where we went off.  Prayers are always answered at the level of the consciousness of the one praying. And, I’ll add to the degree that we are willing to act from that prayer.

I invite us all to never give up, to pray unceasingly and to walk our talk. The good thing is that we can start right now. We do not have to punish ourselves for the past. We only need to start right now.

Love and Aloha, Rev. Rita

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