Why Are My Prayers Not Answered?

I received two different messages yesterday. One was from someone who had finally revealed their healing after a long journey with an illness. The other message was from someone who had been on a similar journey and got the notice that the journey with that illness had taken a turn backwards. Without getting into details, I ask us all of us this: Who is answering the prayers of these two people and why would one get the answer they desired and the other not?

What I have come to understand is that whether it is about money, health or anything else, no one is left without an answer to their prayer. I know and believe that all our prayers are answered. I also know that if something is not working out the way we want, we have the opportunity to pray again, to know again, to go even deeper.

But, what is prayer? In my philosophy, the Science of Mind and Spirit, prayer is a statement of Truth, backed by my conviction and love that flows into Law. To the degree that I can surrender my obstacles to this Truth, whether it be my ability to receive, my unbelief, my feelings of self-worth, my lack of faith, my mixed messages, etc…if I can surrender it all to the Power greater than I am that lies within me, if I can trust that everything that occurs after my prayer is an answer, if I can stay clear and steadfast, not by forcing myself to do so, but by letting go, life does flow in the direction that I intend. I have found that it is in the letting go to the knowing that my prayer is answered that I have seen what seem like miraculous results.

Ernest Holmes once wrote, “There are no obstructions that one cannot dissipate by the power of Truth. So we learn to go deeply within ourselves and speak as though there were a Presence there that knows…It is most worthwhile to commune with Spirit…to sense and feel it.”

The only place to go for the answer to our prayers is within. Do we believe that the Presence is right here where we are? Do we believe that we are using it? When we begin from that deep communion, we are guided and directed. I know for myself, when I pray to have a desired experience in my life I get the best results when I surrender my desire to the Power within, and realize it is not I that doeth the work. This is not an old cliché. This is the Power of prayers answered.

To go back to my original question, I do not know the individual journey we are each on. I do not know what is on another person’s mind and in their hearts.  I only know that all prayers are answered. There is no outside God dolling out rewards and punishments. Prayer is an inside job and we each have the same ability to commune with the Spirit within. We are equal and all our experiences are just that, experiences that I know are always unfolding in the most perfect way. If I could step back far enough to see the bigger picture, I would see this. This is where faith comes in; not blind faith, but a faith that trusts that the outcome for good is always assured.

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