Are You Susceptible?

Apparently, flu season is upon us. Every time I enter the one drugstore here on Kaua’i or Costco or many other place that promotes western medicine, I see the sign “Get Your Flu Shot Here…”

I’m all for medicine and doctors and anything that releases us from physical pain, and I use them. However, I am more interested in contemplating what makes me susceptible to all these germs that we think are so real.

I have gone months and years at a time without getting sick. Yet, yesterday, all of a sudden, I started sneezing and am most definitely in the middle of “the common cold.” I don’t call it that, though. I like to think of it as congestion caused by congested thoughts and being out of my peaceful state.

Yes, sometimes I just get carried away with what is going on around me. I let myself get dragged into the turmoil. To me, this is what being “susceptible” means. I am vulnerable and open to whatever is around because I am not at peace, whether it is about something in my own life or in the greater picture.

So, now what do I do? Do I beat myself up for not being the on-Principle minister that I profess to be? That might have been where I went with it in the past. However, today I understand that the only way back to the Center is by making a decision to be there.

I’m not trying to get well. That doesn’t work at all. I am allowing myself to remember who I am. I turn to the Peace of God and allow everything to run its course. I am well. Nothing to do. but love myself, and know that I am always doing my best. I can relax. I can even take an aspirin. These bouts of congestion flow through me quickly when approached in this manner.

I become unsusceptible to outside turmoil and stress the more I can go within and approach my life from there. Peace is at the heart of God and the heart of me. Everything has a solution. The world’s trials right now need my knowing, not my added confusion. The only thing I am susceptible to is the peace and serenity in knowing who I am and what is mine to do. I am not here to change the world or anyone else. Nothing needs changing. I just need a better point of view.

Love and Aloha and A-Choo!

Rev. Rita

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