Fill ‘Er Up!

When I was growing up, every gas station was full-serve. That meant we’d pull into the station and ask the attendant for the amount of gas we wanted. Usually, we’d say, “Fill Her Up!” Then he’d ask, “Premium, diesel, or regular?” The attendant would proceed to give us a full tank of gas, check our oil and even wash our windows. We’d pay, go on our way and come back the next time we’d see the gage nearing empty.

Centers for Spiritual Living, such as ours, can be similar to the full-serve gas stations of the past. People enter on a Sunday and we give them spiritual food. We inspire through speech, music and give them a dose of community. They are filled up on what they want and go on their way.

As we know, now-a-days, fuel stations are self-serve. We get to go up, get as much gas as we want: regular, diesel or premium, wash our own windows and even check the air in our tires if we are so inclined. It’s all there, but we do it ourselves.

I believe Centers for Spiritual Living are more like self-serve stations.  We have a choice in the kind of spiritual food we take in and where we go to get it. We also have a choice as to how much we take or accept. We also have a choice as to what we will do with the information. Will we use it? Or, will we just feel good for a moment and then go back to business as usual.

Many times, people apologize to me for not coming on a Sunday. I’m thinking. “You do not need to apologize to me. I’m here doing what I’m doing, giving what I’m giving whether or not you choose to come or not. I’m even holding you in my heart when you are not here, knowing all is well in your life.”

Spiritual food is always here, but we have to accept it. We have to eat it. Digesting it is an inside job. It’s a choice. I trust that we are all making those choices based on our requirements in life. I trust we will hear what we need to hear in just the right way, and take away and use it in the perfect way for our lives. I’m not here to tell people what to do or force them to fill up.

There is a lady that sits across from our Center at the bus stop. She lives there. Many people stop to talk to her, ask to help her, give her food, money, etc. She takes what she wants and refuses the rest. However, she continues to sit there. She has made this choice.

Yesterday, I got a call from someone I didn’t know who wanted to help her in a way she didn’t want. He is determined every time he visits her to convince her that life isn’t suppose to be the way she is living it. She doesn’t relent. She continues to sit there. I trust that she has made the choice that is perfect for her. We are all at choice. This is her spiritual food. I am sure of it, or she would change it.

There are so many opportunities for all of us to fill up with spiritual food.  Many are starving to connect with our Higher Power, whatever we call it. We are all at choice in how we do that. For me, I’ve chosen the Science of Mind and Spirit. It speaks to me in a way that empowers me and my life. And then, I use it. Every morning, I go to my quiet place before I start my day. I read what empowers me. I pray. I meditate. I write. I run on the Kealia Path. I am filled up. It’s my own self-serve station.Then, I have something to give to the world. I live a life of service. I use my practices to make me stronger on this earth plane. It’s my choice.

If I had to impart anything to anyone, it would be the idea of choice. We are not automatons. We are spontaneous self-choosing Divine Beings. We get to choose our favorite means of spirituality, where we live and even what we do. We get to choose how to experience life. The Universe answers “yes,” to our “yes.” Life is for us, not against us. It’s all here for the choosing. I choose to “Fill Her Up!”


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