Merry Christmas, Bob!

Aloha and Merry Christmas everyone! I do feel the deep Spirit of Christmas this year. It seems like love is truly surrounding this planet right now. I know this is, because there are so many of us that are staying true to that love. I am grateful, because I know that the Universe answers yes and yes again to our yes. Let us keep it up, as we transition into 2018.

Early this morning my mother’s husband, Bob Trosclair, made his transition into the next plane of existence. He has been ailing for quite a while; and, even though it is always difficult to say Aloha to someone we love, I feel grateful that he is not suffering in bodily form anymore. I send my love and aloha to his family.

He brought a miracle for my mom before he left. My mother and he are both devote Catholics. They were Eucharistic Ministers and devoted attendees to mass every day. As they have gotten older and less mobile, they had frequented the church building less. often. However, last night someone in my mother’s spiritual family took her to Christmas Eve Mass, while Bob was in the hospital.

My mother called me last night and excitedly told me how the whole church was packed – no seats – except the seat beside her, which remained empty. She believed that Bob had come to sit by her at Christmas Eve Mass. It was a sign to her, she said. I believe this and, to me, it is proof again that life continues and continues.

We don’t know all the mysteries of life. We cannot explain the things that occur, but I believe if we will just relax into the mystery that we will come to understand more and more of it. As we are ready, the miracles, such as the one my mother experienced and felt, will become more prevalent for all of us.

There is an ache and longing that occurs when someone who we love leaves us. I do not believe it just goes away as time passes. It is there. We always miss the people who have moved onto the next expression of life. But, from my experiences and feelings, I still believe they are right here. I feel them and it lessens the ache.

I am grateful for Bob and his faith and his love for my mother. He brought so much joy into her life after my father’s death.

What a perfect day, Christmas Day, for a man who loved Jesus so much to leave. There are no mistakes and we choose always. I believe that. I know he is comforted, guarded, guided and protected as he moves on, as I believe we will all be. “It is done unto us as we believe.”

Believe the best and highest everyone! Merry Christmas Bob and everyone!

Love and Aloha,

Rev. Rita

One thought on “Merry Christmas, Bob!

  1. Bob was truly an angel to me throughout my husbands battle with Parkinson’s and dementia. I do not know how I could have gone through so much without a dear friend like Bob. I know that he is truly in heaven now. God speed Bob.
    Diane Neun


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